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How can I tell if the other party is a sea king?

The sea king

By Dylan M ParkinPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

The thing about falling in love is that who you meet depends on luck, and who you talk to depends on vision.

There is a complex human nature in love, and people in love, may be a story, may also become an accident.

See through the heart, it is not easy to fall in love, and talk and cherish.

One, deep love trap: "Sea King" "Sea Girl" is how to attack the city?

In the morning, you wake up from the anxiety of reality, and at night, you sleep in the bondage of material things, carrying various life KPIs, struggling to make ends meet, and holding on alone, don't you want to fall in love?

No, no, no, life is already very hard, I don't want to be disappointed and spend more energy to guess.

In fact, who does not have greed and anger?

Admit it, you do not want to fall in love, just do not want to fall in love with the low force.

Your conditions are not bad, worthy of being loved, waiting and waiting, stepping on the colorful clouds to pick you up, probably not the Monkey King, but the King of the Sea.

They are gold, fun, knowledgeable, also understand you, a minute to pinpoint your emotions, really belong to the descending blow.

If that is if away → want to capture

pretend to be affectionate → fake giving

Sweet talk → emotional value

To Neptune on the head? What's wrong with me?

In order to prevent falling into the trap of Neptune, the first step is to have a proper understanding of the label "Neptune".

Neptune = high value

From the law of reproductive value, good looks and good body type have high sexual attraction for the opposite sex.

King of the Sea = rich (socio-economic status)

Good living conditions, abundant financial resources and superior social status often reflect that the person has a high survival value, the higher the survival value, the greater the ability to resist survival risks.

Neptune = high emotional value

"Interesting" is the first requirement of some people for dating the opposite sex, and here the requirement is the emotional value provided by the opposite sex.

Neptune group understands the complexity of human nature, high emotional intelligence, can bring the other party pleasant, positive emotional value, speak and act with consideration for the other party's emotions, and they will enhance your happiness with people.

The above characteristics, Neptune at least occupy a, there are also such as the "excellent Neptune" Liang Zhengxian who has all three of the hot topics.

Proactive - no rejection - no establishment

The normal mode of love is to build intimacy step by step, but in the ultimate pursuit of Neptune is different, they like to immerse themselves in an ambiguous state of love.

In fact, being in love is just a chemical game of the brain.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher calls "love" the most addictive being in the world, except for drugs.

When you have "love" for someone, neurotransmitters are triggered, producing a maddening variety of hormones, the most crucial of which is oxytocin.

In the ambiguous stage, stress hormones drive up cortisol and you are constantly speculating about his behavior. Is he really in love with you? Is he acting like a 100? You feel uneasy inside.

"Testosterone in the female body rises, reflecting the psychological strength of the female, while testosterone in the male body shows the opposite state.

Men and women in love are more "made", also reflected in the reduction of serotonin (pentraxin, 5-HT) hormone secretion, serotonin affects the emotional regulation of the two, may cause the two sides of the ambiguous entanglement.

Phenylethylamine (PEA): puts you into a state of excitement

Phenylethylamine can be seen as a neurostimulant secreted by the brain, it makes people's heart beat faster, triggering shortness of breath, allowing people to enter a state of excitement, at the same time, the ability to think rationally is inhibited, women in love have an IQ of zero, that is, phenylethylamine makes people become blind and can not make rational judgments.

Neptune does not follow the usual rules, often bringing the opposite sex a novel love experience, clever use of the drawbridge effect to mobilize each other's emotions, thus giving the other side the illusion that they are in love with him.

Suspension bridge effect - when a person is scared to cross the suspension bridge, will involuntarily heartbeat accelerated. If you happen to meet someone at this time, you will mistakenly interpret this situation-induced increase in heart rate as the other person making their heart flutter.

Dopamine (Dopamine): sending you into a frenzy

After the first encounter and the emotion of liking, the hypothalamus secretes a steady stream of neurotransmitters such as dopamine to deepen the heart-tugging feeling.

Dopamine, also known as a pleasure substance, acts on a person's emotions, transmitting feelings of excitement and pleasure.

When you meet someone of the opposite sex who meets your ideal conditions, the secretion of dopamine will send you into a frenzy, but be aware that it will work for a short time and cannot be maintained for a long time.

Endorphin: making love last longer

As a natural human sedative, it is different from phenylethylamine and dopamine which bring strong and short-lived pleasure, endorphin gives lasting happiness, Neptune pursues a short and fresh love experience, which, in fact, cannot be compared with continuous exercise, or even with eating spicy food.

Neptune is not allowed to "love" and enter their inner world

Female A: "Neptune never open himself in the circle of friends, social circle, I seem to be in a fake relationship ......"

There is a type of intimacy in psychology: fake intimacy

You are together, but not completely together, out of self-protective psychological defense, they are not willing to give their hearts for, to fall in love for them, like playing COSPALY, pretending to be deeply committed, playing the role of a good boyfriend, in fact, their hearts do not do deep emotional connection with each other, with deep love behavior as a cover, in order to alleviate the inner guilt when breaking up.

In terms of attachment patterns, it is clear that Neptune belongs to avoidant attachment, narrowly defined as avoidant behavior in the face of emotions, and broadly defined as if a person is frustrated in the early years of attachment formation, adulthood may result in two possibilities.

① No longer seeking attachment

(1) Inhibited attachment disorder, in which the person maintains strong vigilance in the face of love-seeking behavior of the opposite sex

② Seeking attachment to anyone

Due to the neglect of benign upbringing in early childhood, resulting in a huge gap in the heart, need to use a lot of "love" to try to make up, unfortunate childhood to spend a lifetime to heal, this saying is not empty.

Neptune is likely to meet the latter, they can't build attachment to anyone the truth is hidden, can't attach to anyone, more can't run intimate relationships, on the contrary, can be intimate to anyone, they will quickly establish intimate relationships with people, but these can't be maintained, after the emotions enter a dull period, Neptune will be cold and tired, or even direct breakup, their like is limited to like, does not contain responsibility and commitment.

The following people, the most likely to "King of the sea" on the head


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