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How can I be attractive/hotter?

by Fakhar Abbas 2 months ago in humanity
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Suggestions regarding Personality Development

How can I be attractive/hotter?
Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

How can I be attractive/hotter?

• Your goals are for you alone. Your achievements are only for you. There is nothing more unappealing than talking about your own success stories.

• There is an air of indifference around you. This can be a bit tricky. You need to get that right balance of not caring what others think and giving them enough admiration and importance.

• No one cares whether you have suffered a professional setback or a personal loss, no matter how big or severe it may have been. Telling your sob stories often turns people off and does nothing to make you more attractive.

• Keep a low profile when you let others talk and brag.

• Don't disclose everything about yourself to everyone. Better yet, answer only when asked and as little as possible. Maintain an aura of mystery and people will be more attracted to you.

• Be least willing to share your stories or understandings when others are talking. Sure, your group might miss out on your narratives, but you'll have learned more by listening to others.

• Listen more. Talk less.

• Don not take everything too seriously. Laugh at jokes, even those made at your expense. Arrogant person can never become cool.

• Don't keep a normal smiley face. Smile only when you make an eye contact with someone to make them feel special.

• Encounter someone? Nod if you know them, nod down if you don't know.

• Have cleared body language. Palms exposed. Elbows move freely. Straight back.

• Don't be desperate for attention. If they give you notice, well. If they don't, well.

• Never put yourself in a position where you need people not for the company, cash or sex. You may want people. But never need them.

• Being scarce. Posting everything on Facebook does not make you gorgeous.

• Whatever you decide to wear, it needs be clean

• Be what others want to be. This means being in shape, being on summit of your career, and of course to be rich

• Make eye contact while talking to people, always interrupt, and try to be the finisher whenever possible.

• Never talk behind other people back unless you are speaking well about them.

Never discuss your difficulties. If you must talk about your issues, Use self-deprecatory humor or say small positive things.

• Be very impulsive. Use a smokescreen as often as possible to hide your emotions. People will fall in love for you!!

• Learn to say no while in the early phases of a relationship. This will make your mate treat you better and even respect you because he will observe you unexpectedly!!

• If you observe that you are not good-looking (to men) or you don't have any women, that's okay. Just work hard on your goals and be as successful, tables will turn automatically.

• Always keep smile on your face. I cannot stress this enough. People will want to hang out with you because you will be seen as a friendly person.

• Try to smell good.

• Don't be available too much. If you are a person and you have met a potential partner. I can say don't rush and don't put yourself 100% into the relationship. Be peculiar and somehow unexpected with surprises. Trust me, women prefer a man they know very little about.

• If you want to draw attention to yourself or simply want men or women to be interested in you, bring a less attractive friend with you to social function. Because your companion will increase your attractiveness to those around you, this is a type of cheating.

• If you want other people take you seriously, tell them your parents have taught you this.


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