Here Are 10 Strange Aspects Experienced When You Are Head Over Heels

Just in case you are wondering if you are head over heels with your partner.

Here Are 10 Strange Aspects Experienced When You Are Head Over Heels

There is one person out there who can make you feel some emotions you have never experienced before with anyone else. The day you cross their path, you feel like it's a no-brainer. You feel like it because of the effect they have on you, and you might experience some pleasant feelings deep inside down. What's the part of your job here? Dare to live them.

1. Haaaappiness & Tiramisu are stuck in your head

So, that person makes you feel a bunch of pleasant feelings. They make you feel like you don't have to worry about anything, and let's be honest here; it feels good. You are just peaceful and comfortable when they stand next to you. They make you laugh, and somehow, they make you feel blessed. Blessed because you know deep, deep down, you are the lucky one who gets the chance to bond a unique relationship with them simply because they agreed on letting you in on their world (and you did too.) And chances are, you probably want to share some tiramisu with them, if not more. . .

2. It becomes a story with Super Heroes

That someone is neither Captain America nor Captain Marvel—and they are perfectly aware of that. But you can't help feeling safe with them. On top of that, you feel comfortable in the relationship, and you trust it. They are pretty good at finding the words when you need to be reassured about some concerns, insecurities, or doubts.

3. No questions asked, but plans are

You are not scared of thinking about the future and including them in it. You don't wonder if that person will still be close to you in months and years because you peacefully feel like you don't need to wonder. So, dare to plan some crazy stuff with them. Plans are a perfect tool to develop your relationship and bond with one another. Indeed, plans make everybody happy – okay, well, stay home, for now, please (and keep reading this.)

4. Cui-cui-cui, les oiseaux chantent (=birds are singing)

You think of that person as being special because not only do they make you feel special, but they are, in reality, exceptional. You appreciate that someone for who they are. They have flaws, of course, like anybody else, and as a quick reminder, we, human beings, are all fallible but still very worthwhile. But your thought about them not being perfect is nothing else than – I let you complete that part – but the right answer should be: OK. It's totally fine! You can deal with it. (To some extent, of course, and depending on the situation.)

5. Dysfunctionality melted with normality

When thinking of that person, your brain doesn't function the same way. Your mind experiences an unlimited number of ideas and dreams, your words are meaningful, your feelings are intense, your adoration has no limits, your sweetness is pure, your honesty is genuine – and you might have the feeling you lost some neurons. It is just a feeling though, not the reality. You can relax. You do feel confident about being yourself, and you feel at ease with that person.

6. Extreme curiosity

You observe that someone. You may stop doing whatever you are doing at a specific moment just to look at them, and you do not get tired of doing it because you simply adore that human being you are looking at – you just don't do it in a creepy way. Also, you tend to pay attention to the way that particular person can see you, but keep it natural, al'right?

7. Confidence pour confidence

You trust them. You may not be able to give a reason for that, so, how come? Simply because your gut tells you so, and it is never wrong (or rarely at very least.) You don't have time to be angry toward that person. Do not get me wrong here; I am not saying you never pick a fight. You are mad sometimes, of course—you are a human being after all—but it does not last more than a few minutes, or a few hours if you are really, really, mad. And if this is the case, take a deep breath, isolate yourself, analyze the situation, calm down, and open up the topic. Your anger will vanish – eventually.)

8. Et ça continue encore et encore (= And it keeps going over and over again)

You adore that person, you genuinely adore them, and you never stop. You are here and there for the others, but most importantly, you are here and there for him or her. You care for any relationships you have with anyone close to you, but the one you share with that specific someone is one of your favorite ones.

9. The reality of that fair game

You don't need to play any mind games, be dishonest about your feelings, try any kind of manipulation or try to have any kind of freaking control. Everything sounds good and natural. And if not, you'd better reconsider what you are doing. But "What if" doesn't exist with that someone. And if you come up to use it sometimes, it doesn't last because you fight for what you deeply wish with them, and you dare to live new adventures. You are aware that life is short, and you know you don't want to waste your relationship with them by fighting, crying, yelling, or hurting one another. However, make sure you don't rush anything. If your feelings are mutual, life still offers you some time to create quality memories with them.

10. There is no instruction to turn it on; it is what it is

That particular person does not need to try being a lighting bug, that is just who they are, and you see them this way. As a matter of fact, you would better be with someone you feel happy to spend time with and who has the ability to blow your mind – in a positive way, of course. But anyone does whatever they want after all. So, yes, you adore that person to the point that you try to think before saying anything hurtful, or painful, or regretful (well, mostly – again, you are human.) Still, you keep in mind that you should not take anything for granted, especially not that particular person.

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