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Explosive events as related to Biblical Prophecy

Disclosure on the coast. I have wondered for over ten years now what had happened to the state of my birth—California, and what God thought about it. It is so different than the place of my memory. I realize things change in fifty years, but this degree is astounding. Let me tell you a little bit about the California I remember, from 1955 to 1966, and then I will share with you what I have experienced since my return in 2005. And then, to conclude I will endeavor to give you a solution that may help, which is the reason I have supplied this particular video in the first place.

Being the youngest of ten children in 1955 was an experiment in discovery. I was the smallest and the youngest, so I had to shout the loudest in order to be heard, and try to run the fasts to keep up with my elder siblings; I wasn’t too successful at that running part, I’ll tell you. I remember times when a lot of my siblings and I would go bottle hunting in the street, on the sidewalk, at the beach, etc. In those days, you could turn empty bottles into the local store and they would give you cash for returning them. They called it recycling, I believe. Either way, it gave us spending money, time together as a family, and either candy from the sore down the street, or seats in the local theater where we could go and watch a movie. There was also the beach. What lovely time we had there. My dad would try to take us all up to Seal Beach every weekend to swim and frolic, and my mom would set up a sort-of picnic with hot dogs and other stuff to snack on. My mom hated the water but she loved the family outings, and my brothers and sisters and I loved the water, so life was fun. My dad even went fishing there sometimes, which I had no interest in at all, being the girly girl that I was.

One of my most amazing memories of this time so long ago was the fact that we never locked our door when we went anywhere. It was a wonderful thing to know that we could trust our neighbors, and they, in turn, could trust us. If someone’s car broke down on the side of the road, my dad would be the first one to stop and help the fella out, and, should the situation happen to my dad, someone in the neighborhood would help him out as well. Even the nuns from the local convent would help us with food when we ran out sometimes. As for homeless people, I imagine there were some, but I don’t recall any. I do recall my father helping people out from time to time, if they needed food, or a place to stay—we had a big house. My father even gave a house away to a family who had no place to stay. Sadly, my father passed away in 1965 and life went pretty stupid at that time. My mom remarried and we all were moved to Ohio, so she could spend some time with her mother, who died shortly thereafter. As life has a tendency to do, went on. I grew up, got married a few times, divorced twice, and then my husband and I decided to move to California.

I thought this would be a joyous homecoming; I was so sadly mistaken. It was 2005 when I first experienced the homeless in Los Angeles. I cannot possibly explain the devastation and overcrowding that causes people to live in the street, sometimes in a box, other times just sleeping in doorways without benefit of any type of shelter. It is ridiculously expensive in California, so it’s no wonder this is happening currently. All of the shelters for homeless people are usually filled to capacity as well. Makes a body wonder what God is thinking about all this. I have always believed in God, I know He is my Heavenly Father, but I still wondered, why is this happening?

A few years ago, I met an amazing man named David Heavener, who is on a serious mission for God. David is a Pastor, as well as a celebrity from many action films he has done. One of the things he’s working on is a new television series called Last Evangelist. One of the scenes shot actually took place in the homeless district Los Angeles. I was speaking with David and he told me about this 'Hear the Watchman' conference thing happening in Los Agnes and he told me that it was so about Bible prophecy regarding current events, among other things. I am thrilled beyond measure that David is one of the speakers at the conference. It sounded to me like I might get some of my questions answered about what is happening, especially in California, so I talked to my husband about it and, after prayerful consideration, we decided to go to the conference. It’s happening in October of this year, the 10th to 13th and we will be going there. Afterwards, maybe I’ll write about the experience in another vlog.

Sunshine Lee
Sunshine Lee
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