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He who loves to laugh is always in luck

He who loves to laugh is always in luck

By Elora HaysPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Hong's career experience is as rich as Lu Xun's garden of Baicao, which can be written as a thick book. He did not, for two reasons: he was not a celebrity and he was still in the "busy" phase.

In the mid-1980s, Ah-Hong became a middle school teacher in a township, holding an iron rice bowl and a stable job and income.

After 13 years of teaching, Hong suddenly doesn't like the step-by-step work he is engaged in, coupled with the difficulty of transferring to the county, he resolutely quit and went directly to the strange provincial capital to make his way.

For more than 10 years, Hong has been engaged as a newspaper reporter, education and training center handyman, advertising company copywriter planning, freelance writer, magazine editor, and other different jobs.

Because of the lack of preparation, all the rice bowls that Hom has held these years are made of mud. Leaving aside the broadening of his vision and the improvement of his ability, he earned the family property through extraordinary hard struggle, equivalent to being a township middle school teacher for two lifetimes!

Hiro prides himself on the fact that no boss ever fired him, he fired the boss. That is to say, in every kind of business, he is to achieve the peak, to a "torrent brave retreat".

Two years ago, because of neurasthenia, periarthritis of the shoulder, stomach cold, fatty liver, and other old problems, plus the magazine office where the magazine is increasingly downhill, resign again when a curtilage.

Instead of staying home, Hiro devoted himself to working out, reading and writing. As a result, he was busier than at work, trying to write novels and screenplays.

Writing a tome is an unprecedented challenge for the middle-aged Hiro!

No matter how difficult it is, Hiro grits his teeth bear his head, and carries on with the weight, just hoping to "make a little progress every day."

With no income, Hiro has to live off his old bread. In the face of the ununderstanding eyes of his relatives and friends, he always had a voice in his heart: "What I am engaged in is marathon engineering, success is sooner or later!"

Not long ago, Hong Shou cloud opened month Ming: 300 thousand words of the novel were officially published, sales are good; A film script, was a film and television company fancy and signed; A 40-episode television script is being negotiated.

In an interview with a TV reporter, Hom quoted Kant's famous saying: "Hope, sleep and laughter, these three things, help to ease the toil of life." Laughing to say their talent is a word: smile.

Hong said that he never liked to ride a donkey to find a horse, so the most difficult time is usually the gap period of job hunting. When I was at a low point in my life, I would laugh every morning, noon, and night until my facial muscles became sore and painful.

The reporter is curious to ask Hiro, what is the reason for laughing.

Hiro smiled and said, "The reason for smiling can be described as full grasp '. For example, there are no age spots on my face and no wrinkles on my forehead. Generally speaking, I have regular features and a good appearance. Like the right to life and health, the setbacks, frustrations, and tribulations we encounter are the precious wealth bestowed by fate, which we cannot buy if we want to.

At the end of the interview, Hiro wrote this in the reporter's book: "Those who love to laugh are always lucky. There is no way out. Please laugh to your heart's content. The more you laugh, the easier it will be to break through."

The special program "Laugh out the Good luck" caused a huge sensation when it was broadcast. Many viewers found that they were struggling in the workplace and could not laugh. As a result, Hiro, who loves to laugh and can laugh, has become the funhouse mirror in everyone's mind.


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