Having Self Worth Is Important

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A Guide to Why Having Self Worth Is Important and Where Obtaining It Can Begin

Having Self Worth Is Important
Be confident in who you are.

At some point in time we have all allowed the opinions and gossip behind our backs by others have the ability to take control of our self worth. Making it possible for others to define us, opinions of others to consume our everyday life, and even worse steal our peace. We are all subjected and nowhere near immune to this kind of joy killer that can come into our lives. The sad part is, if we are honest with ourselves, we’re all guilty of being the product of doing this exact same thing to others because it was done to us. This cycle needs to stop.

Having self worth is so important but how can you even start to understand that if you can’t comprehend the simple fact of the matter of, how can you obtain any type of worth within yourself if you’re doing the exact same hurtful action to others? Once you come to this realization, thats when you’ll be teachable on this subject.

Self worth begins when you realize what Susie told Tamara about you on girls night out doesn’t bother you anymore. Who even cares what Susie said, tell Tamara you don’t live on the opinions of others anymore. Self worth begins when you realize that Tommy your ex tells people you’re crazy and how terrible of a girlfriend you were, you hear about it, but guess what? It no longer bothers you anymore because Tommy obviously see’s enough worth in you anyways to still be talking about you. He’s probably trying hard to convince people of these things so other guys don’t miss out on what he no longer has. I mean come on, if Tommy can acknowledge that amount of worth in you, then you can to. When you stop living on the opinions of what other people have to say about you and who you are, that’s just the beginning of where self worth starts.

Having self worth can be rooted so much deeper than just opinions or gossip. You can lose a sense of worth about yourself if you’re struggling with self esteem. In my opinion having both can go hand in hand. Figure out what you can do everyday to make you happy because you’ll never find happiness in someone else. If you try you’ll only be left feeling disappointed and probably unhappier than you already were.

A wise person once told me to be confident. It’s one of many attractive traits you can possess as a person because the outlook on yourself alone can play a huge role on whether you see your self worth. I never fully understood this until I tried it. I began to just love all my flaws and every negative thing I saw in myself but also what others saw. For example, someone says you’re gaining weight, your teeth are crooked, or you have ugly clothes. Embrace all of those “negative” things people throw your way. Wear that top someone says only size 2s can look good in, smile with your teeth more, and pick out more ugly clothes and wear them loving the fact that you might not have the best sense in style but you’re okay with it.

Having self worth is so important because it can build our self esteem up making it easier to block out any negative opinion, lie, or gossip headed your way. You’ll gain a sense of empowerment within that it will become second nature to never think twice about the wasted energy that was put towards trying to reach your peace from a 3rd party opinion. I know it’s hard to bite your tongue and not have a response to what people say about you. But let’s be real, People thrive off getting a response whether it’s negative or positive. So just go ahead and keep your self worth and don’t respond to it.

Idk about you but I change everyday. Most people that have so much to say about you, probably don’t even know who you are anymore or they don’t know you at all. So why allow them to define you? It will always be up to you on whether you’ll choose to wake up everyday telling yourself that you are beautiful, smart, and amazing. Never give anyone the power to take that away from you. As women and even men, we should really thrive on building each other up daily instead of tearing one other down. The world would truly be a better place if we learned to love another.

With all that said, next time someone says something negative about you, when an ex try’s to ruin your reputation, or you catch yourself believing the opinions of others on who you are. Take a step back and remind yourself that you’re not those things, that isn’t who you are, and you’re choosing to continue your day knowing that your worth so much more. Build yourself up mentally and take control over your mind.

Arlee Maxwell
Arlee Maxwell
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