Happy International Men's Day

To Every Man on Earth

Happy International Men's Day
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Message to Start- Happy International Men’s Day

This post is to wish all of my fellow men, a happy International Men’s Day. Yes, there exist, a day that is dedicated to the appreciation of men. We as men contribute a great deal to the world, even in the every day lives of others. We are brothers, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sons, and friends. We are important. Men are crucial to the survival and continuation of the human race. Not only are we required for reproduction, but we are also crucial in the protection we give, the love we share, and the lessons we teach.

In modern times, we men often get an undeserved bad stigma. We hear terms like, “toxic masculinity” and so many others. Don’t believe any of that. Masculinity is not toxic. Masculinity is a man’s natural and proper instinct. Some abuse and use, but that’s not masculinity… that’s something else. Those of us who display masculinity as the respectful, protective, and loving trait that it always was, we have nothing to be ashamed about. We represent half the world’s population. So, I’ll say it again… Happy International Men’s Day to you.

Tell That Man You Appreciate Him

When is the last time you told the men in your life that you appreciate them? Telling them that you love them is always a great thing, but when did you last tell them that they are also appreciated? That is important too. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Even if you have a father or a husband who is an old-school and rough around the edge kind of man. Maybe he doesn’t show emotions all the time or openly a lot. I’m willing to bet that he has taught you lessons and either fixed something that was broken or had your back when you needed him. Whoever and however he is, he is there and he loves you the best he knows how.

Today is the perfect day to let him know that those little things that he does for you don’t go unnoticed by you. Let the men in your life know that you notice and appreciate the little things as well as the big things that they bring into the world. The men in our lives contribute so much to who we are and the day to day happenings of our lives. International Men’s Day is a great time to tell them, “Thank you” for all of those things. Go ahead, they deserve it.

Closing Thoughts

Obviously, it’s best if you tell the men in your life that you love and appreciate them throughout the year, and not just on one or two days. However, if you were ever going to tell them, this is the perfect day. Chances are that you tell your Dad these things each year when Father’s Day rolls around. That’s great, but why only the one day? Not to mention, many of us have brothers. A lot of you have husbands, boyfriends, close friends, sons, and more. There aren’t special days that are dedicated to many of the roles that men play in our lives. This is yet another reason that this day is such a great reminder to acknowledge and appreciate the men in your life. Then, of course, to actively let them know how you feel. Never just assume that they know what they mean to you or the importance of the role they play in your life. Like so many others, these things can often go unnoticed or unknown. Yes, it is important and it something that you should not put off another moment. Stop reading this and go tell them, even if you have to call some of them to let them know. Again…

Happy International Men’s Day, Everyone!

Timothy A Rowland
Timothy A Rowland
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