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Hao Di: If you are worth 100 million yuan, you can wear a pair of shoes worth 2 yuan

Hao Di: If you are worth 100 million yuan, you can wear a pair of shoes worth 2 yuan

By Ruban SaundersPublished 6 months ago 12 min read

Hao Di in Tianjin a construction site to check just dug out the "iron knot."

"This iron money was produced by Fujian Baofu Bureau during the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty. Because it was rough in production and not in circulation, it was shipped to Tianjin to be used as cannon sand."

Archaeological experts at the scene were dismissive: "At that time are copper money, where come iron money, naive." "There should be more shells," said Hao Di. Experts are silent, the child's mouth hairless, and do not know the height of heaven.

Unexpectedly,10 minutes later, actually dug out the diameter of a 4 cm iron cannonball......

At 20 years old, Hao Di is already the most senior and authoritative expert in many museums around the world, and the youngest visiting professor of history at Peking University.

Hao Di's home is in an ordinary community in Tianjin's Heping District. Walking into his house was like entering a small museum, with piles of ancient coins and antiques winding from the hall to Hao Di's bedroom and study. It is said that this is only a part of the many antiques he has collected over the past decade, but there are more than 200,000 ancient coins here. It was strange that the house, apart from the conspicuous antiques, had no decent possessions.

Taciturn and fond of antiques

Hao Di was born in an ordinary family in Tianjin on March 26, 1985. His father has been away on business for years, and his mother is a doctor in a hospital in Tianjin.

Childhood Hao Di does not like to talk, but their intelligence is very high. Hao Di was able to say exactly what his father needed to add and subtract with a calculator. Surprised father at that time by him to plan a good future, to Beijing, Tsinghua University to read Peking University. Unfortunately, dreams will always be dreams. Hao Di doesn't seem to be interested in anything except talking and playing with children. Take him to the playground, to the park, even to the boy's favorite toy counter, but he still does nothing.

One day when she was five years old, her father took Hao Di to the market to buy some vegetables, and they passed by a cultural relic stand. Hao Di suddenly ran over and started to play with the old coins. Father frightens him: "Don't do, don't do, damaged, careful to pay you to someone else." But Hao Di did not seem to hear him and did not pay any attention to his father. His father had no choice but to entrust him to the vendor for the time being. As a result, Hao Di's father, who had not taken the child for several days, forgot about it when he came home from shopping. When the food was cooked and grandpa began to look for Hao Di, the father broke out in a cold sweat and lost the child. With a bit of luck, my father found the stall where Hao Di was still lying there, staring at the ancient coins. The stall owner said that he had not moved for nearly four hours, and had never seen such a patient child.

Perhaps it was from that day that Hao Di began to contact cultural relics. He often sneaked to the cultural relics market not far from his home alone and stayed there for an afternoon. Parents sometimes find, doting grandfathers everywhere to find reasons to excuse their grandsons. Many years later, my father happened to meet an old man who was the most respected in the cultural relic market. The old man said to my father bitterly, "You are not a good father. Do you know that I hold your son much more often than you do?" At this time, the father knew why the child was so often missing. The counter in the market was too high for a five-year-old child to see, so the old man prepared a high stool for Hao Di. Whenever he came, Hao Di would climb on the stool and lie down beside the counter for hours. But Hao Di is often driven to the west and east, just imagine who likes to only look at the guests who do not buy? Besides, at that time, Hao Di was not even 6 years old. Who would believe that such an old child would collect cultural relics?

But what happened unexpectedly was that the child later became almost the most frequent buyer in this market. In fact, at the age of five, Hao Di was already collecting ancient coins. At the age of seven, he bought a bronze sword for 7,000 yuan.

Three years without brunch

A few years ago, Hao Di's father thought he was a disobedient child -- "At that time, I could not understand more and more the strange behavior of Hao Di. I even threw his schoolbag out of the house when I was angry."

One day, the teacher called and Hao Di fainted in the gym class. "The child's constitution is too poor, and he needs nutrition." Every night, Hao Di would eat a lot like a little hungry Wolf. Besides, Hao Di's mother was a doctor, and the family always paid attention to nutrition. How could this be? The father realized that Hao Di had been skipping breakfast and lunch at school for a long time. No wonder he ate like a ghost when he came home every night. One meal was worth three.

In the evening, his father called Hao Di and asked him what was the matter. Where is the money for breakfast and lunch going these days? Then he took out from under his bed a small bag full of pieces of relics and old coins, large and small. Hao Di told his father that to buy these things, he had not eaten breakfast or lunch for three years. Sometimes, when he was hungry, he would pick up the steamed buns left over from his classmates. Surprised, the father stared at his son's haggard face for a long time. How much determination does it take for someone to eat only one meal for 3 years? Then he realized that he didn't know his child. That night, his father told Hao Di to ask if he needed money to buy something and the family would give him money.

Hao Di spent most of the day with antiques, and as soon as he got home, he was sure to look at his treasures first. At night, he likes to hide in his room and talk to his beloved antiques, sometimes until the wee hours.

Once, when his parents came home late from an errand, they opened the door and found the house dark except for a faint light in Hao Di's room. The alert father rushed straight into the room without turning on the light. Everything was dark except for a small blue light that danced like "ghost fire" in the middle of the room! Where's Hao Di? Where's Hao Di? My father was so worried that he slipped and almost stepped on something. "Dad, I'm here." Hao Di was sitting on the ground, staring at the ghost fire without looking back. Just then, mother came in and was about to turn on the light when Hao Di stopped her. Thinking that something serious had happened, the parents squatted down nervously to observe the "ghost fire" with Hao Di. Close, only to find that the original on the ground there is only a thumb so big, the diameter of less than a centimeter of a small oil lamp.

It turned out that Hao Di was feeling what it was like to light an oil lamp in a poor family five hundred years ago, and before his parents came back, he had calculated that the lamp, if full, would burn for an hour. "Amazing, it turns out that the old oil lamp can also be used to time."

Young hero: the first master of Chinese archaeology

Researchers from the National Palace Museum in Taiwan called to ask about Mr. Hao. "They often come to me, and sometimes when they can't identify something, they come to me. It's very convenient. They just take pictures from all angles and email them to me." Hao Di's father said, Hao Di is now the world a lot of the museum's most senior and authoritative foreign aid experts, the youngest guest teacher, history department of Peking University "in this line, Hao Di is known to all, things as long as you take out been Hao Di appraisal evidence, someone the door to close, many cultural relics collection JianDingJie counterparts, said Hao Di is at present the Chinese archaeological first."

In the Shenyang Dao Cultural Relics market, Hao Di once spent 5 yuan from a foreigner to buy the "Hongwu Tongbao" of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. It was 15 centimeters in diameter and made of iron. It was used as a gift to courtiers during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and was worth 40,000 yuan.

Once someone did not believe, found a bag of ancient coins, let Hao Di pick out the counterfeit money. In less than five minutes, Hao Di divided the coins into several piles. "This pile is a fake," he told him. "I've sorted the rest of the piles by age." The other side felt very incomprehensible, more unconvinced. So he spent a long time examining the old books one by one with a magnifying glass. The results were exactly as Hao Di had said. He was so surprised that he stayed up all night asking Hao Di for advice. Hao Di told him, "Actually, it is very simple. The real ancient coins have a living breath and charm, while the fake ones are dead. Just like the black and white pieces in Go, you can tell them apart at a glance."

A couple found Hao Di. They had a package of family heirlooms that they wanted to sell because they were laid off and couldn't afford to send their children to college. The THING HAD ASKED A LOT OF PEOPLE TO SEE, THE MOST EXPENSIVE SAY VALUE 50 THOUSAND, THE CHEAPEST BID 5 THOUSAND, THEY LISTEN TO OTHERS SAY HAO DI IS "GOD EYE", THE PRICE OF ESTIMATE IS THE MOST ACCURATE, BECAUSE THIS WANTS TO ASK HAO DI TO SEE ONE EYE, GIVE A DEFINITE PRICE. The father looked at the things, looked at the couple in ragged clothes, and discussed with Hao Di, that maybe we should buy it for 100,000 yuan. He looked at it carefully for a moment, then slowly lowered his head and divided it into three piles. Pointing to a single piece, he said to the couple, "This antique is now worth 350,000 yuan. If you are willing to wait, the price should go up. The other two piles are worth less, but they are worth fifty thousand each." The couple was stunned. Hao Di gave them the contact information of three different people and told them to find them as long as they collected three different kinds of antiques. "The price? Tell them I appraise it and I should be able to give you a very reasonable price." When the couple was sent away, the father asked, "Why didn't you buy it first and pay $100,000? They must have been very satisfied. To his father's relief, Hao Di replied, "I would never earn that kind of money."

The simpler life is, the better

There is no bed in Hao Di's house. Feeling sleepy, he lay down on the sofa for a while. Secretly asked Hao Di's father why he didn't buy a bed. "The boy has been sleeping on the sofa since we moved away. He doesn't like new things.

From school to graduation, Hao Di often asked his family for money to buy stationery. His father gave him money happily every time. However, when he went through his bag, he would find only the end of a pencil. His father knew that he had saved money on stationery to buy cultural relics, so he had to buy a large number of pencils for him to prepare.

Over the years, Hao Di has insisted that the simpler the life, the better, and that only a simpler life can save more money and energy for complex archaeological work. His father once asked him, what is the standard of simplicity?

"If you put me in the forest, I can live without anything," said Hao.

Hao Di fell in love with tomato soup after his mother came back from the market and said tomatoes were cheap. After several years of eating, he found that he did not like to eat. That day, my mother came back from the market and said, cabbage is cheap. In the evening, he asked Hao Di what he liked best. It was cabbage. At this time, the parents found out that Hao Di is cheap to eat.

A few years ago, when his father noticed that Hao Di's shoes were torn and his toes were sticking out, he gave him $20 to buy a pair of shoes. According to the father's understanding of his children,20 yuan shoes for Hao Di are already very extravagant, so many years, he is not willing to buy new clothes, wear to wear is the school uniform.

After a while, Hao Di came back. He had bought two sneakers and was still wearing them. But how to see the past, how wrong, the size is not the same, the style is not the same. Originally, as soon as Hao Di went out, he saw a peddler on the opposite side of the street piling up a pile of shoes and shouted, discovering the new world, Hao Di asked the peddler what was the cheapest, and the peddler searched for a long time, found two, told him, give 3 pieces, Hao Di answered 2 yuan. "So cheap return counteroffer, calculate, sell to you." In the end, it was only $2. Size 44 on the left and size 43 on the right, they had been worn for years, and they were the only shoes that Hao Di could afford not to wear for informal occasions.

Think of an old saying, the sex fool is coagulated, use it to describe Hao Di as too apt.


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