Gym Story

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Adopting a teen bodybuilder

Gym Story

I was just thrilled to death when I got the job working for Hunks-N-Lunks Gym. I would be surrounded by big muscled guys for about forty hours per week, watching them working out and sweating as I would look around and check them into the gym. Oh, joy!! It was like a dream-come-true for me. Little did I know that one kid in the gym would change my life during my first week there.

My boss needed me to work the late evening shift right off the bat since the other guy had quit the job in order to move to a gym in another city. We were shorthanded and my boss had to shuffle some people around. I had just three days to learn the computer system, which was basically all about checking in gym members and ringing up small sales of water bottles and non-alcoholic drinks along with power bars, easy stuff and nothing I couldn’t handle.

So far, the manager has been great and the other staff members were just wonderful towards me. The guys coming into the gym have all been super nice as well. Of course, you have the occasional snob, bully or blow-hard who comes into the gym. Everybody has a bad day now and then so I try to show a smile and greet every person who walks through the front door.

I only had one minor issue with a big guy named Tim. He was a real jerk. He didn’t have his card to scan in and he was offended when I called him to come back to the front desk. Then, he got annoyed when I told him that the computer system showed that his account was past due. I told him that I was just the messenger, relaying what I saw on the computer screen. He was just being mean and grumpy. But, one of the other guys had already warned me that Tim had caused trouble before and that this was nothing new to be concerned about. It was just a matter of time before Tim would cause enough trouble that he would get kicked out of the gym anyway.

So, after having watched a few videos and having stood behind the counter for three days, I pretty much knew how to sign up new members and check them in so they could get into the club so they could do their workouts. The process was relatively easy and straight-forward. We had members of all ages, ranging from teens of age thirteen to older guys of eighty-three. Everybody loved to come there, and I had a blast meeting people who came into the gym.

Since I was about 36 years old myself, I enjoyed talking to guys who were about my age. Even though I considered myself straight, I certainly liked looking at all the big muscled guys who walked into the gym. Once they came out of the locker room and started working out, I totally admired their physiques as they wandered around the gym floor right before my very eyes. Equally impressive were some of the teens who came into the gym, and some of them were very disciplined and committed. I remembered checking in one boy, who had long blond hair and deep blue eyes. He wore a tank top and jeans when he walked in, but he looked even more impressive when I saw him walk around the gym a few moments later. I began to wonder how some of these kids had gotten so BIG. I figured that these kids had good genetics or something for sure.

Aside from checking in members, my responsibilities also included cleaning the male locker room every hour and doing a check of the weight room once every four hours. This included picking up any trash and putting any misplaced dumbbells and weights back where they belonged.

So, it was during one of my locker checks that I strolled into the guys’ locker room when I noticed a teenage boy, who was sitting on the bench in the back of the locker room, with his back leaning against the steel doors. He was talking on the cell phone as I was picking up trash, wiping down the counters and emptying out the two trash bins. I had walked around and wiped down the mirrors on the wall and checked the supply of paper towels in the washroom area before returning to the large locker room area, when I couldn’t help but overhear the phone conversation as I walked around and closed any opened locker doors.

“Dad? You said you’d take me to the sporting goods store today to buy some dumbbells! Yes, I know I used them here at the gym, but I’d love to have a pair at home as well! I’ve been making a lot of gains and I need to work out at home before I go to sleep! You got what? A meeting at work? So… When are you gonna pick me up? Not until 9 o’clock? So, I’m gonna be stuck here for another three hours? That sucks! Plus, I’m starving, and I don’t have any money on me! This really bites, dad! Okay. Bye, dad.”

The boy sighed deeply as he hung up the cell phone and covered his face with his hands. I could tell that he wasn’t happy.

He looked like he had been working out a lot. He had thick, bulging biceps, which were clearly visible on his arms since he only had on a tank top and shorts. I could tell that he had thick, bulging pectorals as well, along with ripped, washboard abdominal muscles. His calves were large, round mounds of muscle and his quads were so big, that they were straining his shorts. I was guessing that he was around sixteen or seventeen years old, at least. Lastly, the boy had long, blond hair in the back with his hair short in the side and front. I felt sorry for the kid, and I decided to walk up to him. As I got closer, I recognized him from earlier since I had checked him in when he first walked into the gym through the front door.

“Hey, buddy… Are you alright?” I asked the poor kid, very gently.

I wasn’t sure if he was crying or not. He held his hands in front of his face.

“Oh, sorry, mister… I’m alright…” he replied as he uncovered his face.

He had deep, blue eyes and a cute face, making him look younger than I had guessed. On the other hand, with his big muscles, I just couldn’t be so sure anymore with these kids nowadays. So, I just sat down on the bench, right next to him. As soon as I got next to the boy, it hit me how huge his arms were. My God, the kid looked strong!

“Are you alright? I work here in the gym, by the way. My name’s John. Is there anything I could help you with?” I asked the boy.

“Oh, hi… My name is Daniel, but everybody calls me Danny!” the boy said, as he extended his arm for a handshake.

My goodness, the kid had a grip of steel! I felt the bones of my hand crack when he shook my hand. Incredible. “Whoa, dude! Don’t break my hand, big guy!”

“Oh, sorry… I forget how strong I am!” he said shyly.

“So, what’s going on? Are you stuck here without any money? I can spot you some food, if you like!” I said to him. “I can get a discount on a few power bars from the shelf!”

“Thanks, John! I’m literally starving right now, and my dad can’t pick me up 'til after nine tonight because he’s stuck in some stupid meeting!” the boy grumbled.

“I’ll ring you up. Come, let’s go to the front counter!” I asked him.

I could tell how big he was when he stood up and started walking behind me. His legs were like tree trunks and his arms were super thick with muscle. He was a bit shorter than me, but by only two inches or so. His huge muscles really made up for the difference in height. His pecs were sticking out from his massive chest and he clearly showed a very well-defined set of abdominal muscles through his thin tank top.

“You got your membership card, Danny?” I asked him.

He handed me his card and I ran it in front of the scanner. It beeped and showed me his photo, his name and all his data on the computer screen. There he was: Daniel Doorman. The last name rang a bell. I used to know a guy in school with the same surname. He was my best friend in high school.

“Gosh, I used to be best friends with George Doorman when I was in high school. He was a great basketball player and he loved to play the guitar…” I mentioned as I thought back to my high school days and my buddy from school when I was living in Florida.

“Oh, well that’s my dad!” Danny replied. My jaw dropped wide open.

“WHAT? George is your dad? Are you serious?” I shouted. “No way!”

“Oh, yes! My dad still loves basketball and he still plays the guitar every single day!”

“Holy crap! I gotta say hi to him! And you’re his son? Good God!” I just gasped as I looked the boy over. “So, how old are you, anyway?”

“I’m only fourteen! I’m still in middle school!” Danny just shrugged as he grabbed his cell phone out of his pocket.

“FOURTEEN? And you’re THAT big?” I gasped out loud. “Holy shit!”

Daniel had dialed his father’s number and waited for his dad to answer.

“Dad? I’m still at the gym. I met someone here who wants to say hi to you!”

Danny then handed me his cell phone.

“George? This is John Houseman! Yeah, remember me from JFK High School? Yes! It’s me! Hey, George, I can’t believe I’m standing here in the gym talking to your kid, man! He’s a total beast! What are you feeding the boy at home? He’s bigger than me! My God! Yes, I just started working for Hunks-N-Lunks Gym a week ago and I spotted your kid in the locker room! Yes, he was all upset because he was stuck here. Listen, George, I live just down the street from here. Danny can come with me and I’ll take him somewhere to eat. No, it’s not a problem. The sporting goods store? Sure! He’s a growing boy! He needs to feed those huge muscles of his! Sure! I’ll take him out to some burger place! Yeah, let me give you my address and phone number!”

I gave George my contact information and then I handed Danny the cell phone.

“What? Oh, sure dad. You know John from school? Cool! Okay, dad. I’ll hang out with him. Okay, thanks dad. See ya later. Bye.” Danny spoke before he hung up his cell phone.

“Okay! You’re coming with me, big guy!” I said to Danny. “Let’s get you some food and then get you to the sports store and finally to my house until your dad is done with his meeting! I’m gonna be your babysitter!”

The muscle kid just gave me a big grin on his face. He was very, very happy!

So, what would it be like, taking a young bodybuilder under my wing? I guess I would soon find out!

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