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Guidelines for reading the Bible properly

The Bible should be read carefully, paying attention to the cultural and historical context of an era

By Ninfa BiPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The Bible is the most widely read book in history

The fact of not believing in the Bible literally does not mean that Christianity is based on fiction. The most convenient way to read the Bible is to read it metaphysically, taking into account the historical context of the time. There is a great story told in the Bible that can serve as a spiritual guide for daily life. It is a book of faith written by people who have lived a transforming spiritual experience or who have believed they have seen their God at work in their history.

Those who wrote the Bible expressed their own experiences in words, the task of the reader is to interpret what is written with as complete a perspective as possible.

The general history of the Patriarchs, which is recorded from Chapter Twelve to the end of the Book of Genesis describes the management of power in those times. This is the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their culture, which is heavily influenced by the Code of the Babylonian King Hammurabi. A large number of stories about Samuel, Saul, David and Solomon were documented by historians and are therefore highly reliable. In addition, readers will find historical references, general events and cultural nuances in the Old Testament during the Schism between Israel and Judah and their independent exiles Israel to Assyria and Judah to Babylon.

The stories of Jesus teaching during his two-year ministry, especially his witty phrases, his parables and his final execution have been perfectly described. These Bible passages can be read literally, supported by the cultural context of the period.


The Bible deals with sensitive issues for all humanity, not only for Jews and Christians. It is best to read this sacred book with respect and open-mindedness.

Heaven and hell are two concepts that have always aroused enormous controversy. Both are here on Earth, not only after death. If you enjoy a healthy spirituality while you are physically alive, it will continue after your physical death ... . If you do not have a transforming relationship with a Higher Power while you are alive, you will not have one after you are dead either.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is the central theme of the Bible, which deserves to be seriously analyzed in order to reach an accurate conclusion. The general consensus among scholars, both Christian and Jewish, is that all references to some form of final destruction refer to a final destruction of life as ordinary people understand it. For example, many Jews, Christians and Judeo-Christians believed that the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE was the beginning of the end of the world. Jews believed it was a final punishment from God. Christians and Judeo-Christians believed it was the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus, as predicted by the apostle Paul. So, he advised people not to have sex, not to complete business transactions and other warnings. It was not really a literal end, but a theological end. It was the end of the Jewish Temple-State in Jerusalem.

A matter of faith

The conception of Jesus Christ is one of the most discussed topics. The fact that Jesus was born of a virgin woman became an important doctrinal belief as the Doctrine derived from Original Sin became more and more defined . Many Judeo-Christian mothers attempted to compare his birth to the birth of Moses. However, as the Doctrine of Original Sin was elaborated several hundred years after the death of Jesus, the concept of the Virgin Birth took on a new meaning. If Original Sin were a true fact, then no person could be born naturally without being in Sin. Jesus could not be in sin if he saved mankind in the way theology proclaimed. Therefore, he was not born naturally, although the exact manner in which his conception took place cannot be specified.

In the face of so many interpretations, it is necessary to understand the existence of a biblical culture. The authors, the context and the events they were dealing with. This allows us to see the characters of the Bible as real people. Seeing the characters of the Bible as real people allows the inspiration to reach everyone, as it happened with them.


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  • Leia2 months ago

    I love the Bible but I don't understand it enough.

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