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Grocery Store Hero

by Destiny S 12 months ago in humanity

Have you ever gone to pay and not have enough money?

a week after the cashier helped me

I was 9 months pregnant with my baby boy and I badly had to go get groceries. For me to walk and stand as long as I do for grocery shopping always made me never want to go. I always held off grocery shopping to the latest point to where I would have almost no groceries in my pantry or fridge. I am what is considered low income in society now a days.

With COVID-19 spreading and affecting our daily lives, I ended up with no job and only my fiancé supporting us. It has been a difficult road and we have struggled but overcome majority of obstacles put in our path. Most of those struggles financially like most other families now a days.

That day I just badly knew we had to get groceries, but the worst part was we only had about sixty dollars to get as much groceries as we could. I went in, took my time, and tried to figure out the most amount of food we could get with only sixty dollars in my pocket.

The grocery store was not fully packed it was a pretty slow night. I took my time looked at all of the prices tried to add everything up and make sure I had enough. But little did I know I grabbed more than I thought I could afford. The most embarrassing thing to happen to you, when you get up to the register to pay and you have to give some of the food to the cashier because you can afford it.

COVID-19 affected so many people and being one of those people it really made me angry when I couldn’t even afford bread and all of these celebrities and people who have money are complaining about staying in their huge house with multiple items to keep them occupied. While I am living in a small studio room and don’t have much to do.

I was at the register going to pay the cashier when I realized I was thirty dollars short. Being 9 months pregnant may have been a big reason why the cashier went and paid that extra money for me, but it had happened to me before, not being able to afford groceries at a store, but no one ever stuck their hand out like that to help me, even while I was pregnant.

Next, I let her know politely that I couldn’t afford all of it. She asked me how much I had I looked at her weird because I didn’t not realize that she was about to do one of the kindest actions anyone has ever done for me. I responded back that I only had Sixty dollars. The next thing I know she charged the money I had and then walked around the register and swiped her card for the remaining money that I owed.

I asked her what I could do in return. She had no response but the response my mom has always given when doing something kind for someone. She replied “I did my good deed for the day.” She also let me know that it has happened to her before and not to feel embarrassed or like I owe her. That she had done something helpful out of the kindness of her heart.

Usually that would be me on the other end, helping anyone I can. Doing something helpful out of the kindness of my heart. But this time it was handed to me. Unfortunately I still struggling with barely being able to afford groceries but I thanked this lady so much for what she did. It may have only been thirty dollars, but it was thirty dollars of food that was gonna help me at 9 months pregnant get through the week and not be starving.

For anyone who ever does amazing gestures like that, I thank you! It is hard to give up your money to help other people out, but when you don’t even hesitate and just help someone, you really have no idea how much it truly meansto them. You don’t know what that person may be going through. That thirty dollars was like a million bucks to me that day. I will forever be grateful for what that cashier did when she did not have too.


Destiny S

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