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Gratefulness and the Universe

by Shamar 3 months ago in humanity

Gratitude is the attitude.

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I just want to start by saying the words gratefulness and gratitude pretty much mean the same thing. So when I switch up the lingo, please don't get confused.

Grateful: warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received.

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Complain, complain, complain. The Human Race knows how to do this to perfection. After the bumpy road we have had this year, I can admit that I have also been part of the Complain Community.

2020 has been a year of forced major changes upon us thanks to our New Founding Father, COVID-19, trying to purge us all. Putting us in lockdown and taking away freedom as we know it.

Unfortunately, millions have been affected negatively due to this virus and have lost jobs, income, businesses have been closed, families have been unable to get food and had loved ones lost. There's a long list of negative impacts. But there's always something to be thankful for.

In the United Kingdom, we do not have a Thanksgiving. It’s up to us as British individuals to reflect on the year at our own accord. Quite frankly, I do not think you should wait until one day in the year anyway. You must be grateful at ALL times and show gratitude at ALL times.

Whilst this may seem like a mission to some, actually, I have become pretty good at ingraining in it my subconscious this year. General gestures such as "please" and "thank you" are merely just the start when it comes to gratefulness. You need to thank the universe, especially after the disgusting year we've all had. There's always something to be thankful for.

Being thankful to the universe does a lot for you behind the scenes. What do I mean by behind the scenes? I mean the universe is working FOR you at all times, trying to put in place your biggest hopes, desires, dreams and manifestations. You show that you are appreciative, even if it's the smallest thing, then it's a boost for you.

How to Show Gratitude

1. Stop looking for what's wrong and start looking for what's right.

When a bad thing happens, it's awful. It's extremely easy to get caught up in our emotions and just wanting to break down and cry. We start cursing, might even start shouting and some of you crazy teenagers will be punching walls. You just need to take a second, analyse the situation and think about what you still have. How much worse could the situation have been?

Let me use myself as an example. Due to coronavirus, the government announced exams were canceled for the rest of the year, this had affected me as I work in an exams department. What's going to happen now? Will I be made redundant? Shall I start applying for other jobs?

Our team was torn apart. Luckily for me, I got to move teams within the department. Millions of people in the United Kingdom have lost their jobs due to coronavirus. I still have mine. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm grateful to be making money and not having to update my CV.

2. Compliment. Not complain.

Humans automatically think of the negatives first. I know I do. Set yourself the task of finding compliments in the negatives to try and flip that frown upside down!

3. Celebrate more.

I don't mean big house parties for no reason (not possible anyway, social distancing please). I mean look at the small accomplishments you have made this year and celebrate them how you want. Even if it's just a pack of biscuits, an extra glass of wine or a brand new mask.

Let me use myself as an example. Exams were canceled this year for millions of students worldwide and even for 2021. They had to settle for teachers' predictions and dodgy never used before grading systems.

I was also a student this year. But luckily for me, I had no exams. All of my work was coursework based and I have been able to complete my Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management!

Okay, so I'm gutted a don't get to dress-up for graduation, but who cares? I'm celebrating by giving my thanks to the universe for making this a possibility through such tough times.

4. Look at the here and now

Be grateful for what you have in this current moment in time. Is it your family and friends? Your support network? The clothes on your skin, your breakfast you just ate, the roof over your head?

You may not like it, it may not be perfect but at least you have it. Be grateful and the universe shall reward you with better.

Gratitude Exercises

As well as saying thanks in your head or out loud, there are numerous exercises that you can do to show the universe you're grateful. These exercises will help if you're planning to manifest but can also be used when you want to practice thanks.

The 11x3 Method

1. Write 11 things that you are thankful for.

2. Write 11 things you want to happen in the future (essentially at this point you are manifesting).

3. Write 11 that you know you take for granted.

Gratitude Prompts

A good old "fill in the blank" exercise. You can find prompts pretty much anywhere but here are some examples;

I’m grateful for these three family members:

I’m grateful for these three things in my home:

I’m grateful for three things I hear:

I’m grateful for three things I see:

Write A Letter

This is one that I do personally, specifically when I am seriously manifesting something.

Write a letter to yourself. Can be long, can be short, can be a whole essay if you want. Talk about what you are grateful for in life right now and how it has impacted you. Talk about how it could be way worse, but you're okay with what you have. You can make do. If you want better? Strive for better.

A lot has happened to me this year and I have too much to be thankful for. A lot has happened to everyone this year and I know you have at least one thing to be grateful for. If you cannot think of anything, be grateful you are alive.

If 2020 was not the best for you, please do not forget that everything happens for a reason. I'm just sitting here giving my thanks to the universe. I suggest you do the same.

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