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Giving true Harsh Critique to Someone we regard is problematic

by Wajiha Khan 2 months ago in advice
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It is critical to speak up in front of those you value and respect.

Giving true Harsh Critique to Someone we regard is problematic
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Respect for people is no doubt an essential part when you make relations with people. But it becomes tough to handle respect in professional life. Not only professional but in personal relations as well. Especially when you have to deliver some feedback or opinions about anything that is seriously related to you. Because it's a truth that when close relationships involve in professional life then the delivery of harsh true feedback to our respectful fellows becomes crucial. But if we neglect true harsh feedback, then we also suffer from any future problems, especially in professional life.

However, it's not only related to professional life, in our daily life we also feel hesitant personally. We cannot express openly the true feedback, which is also not feasible for our respectful persons. In this way, they may also suffer from the wrong consequences.

Although many side effects occur when we use the speaking up habit. Because there are many people in our circle we respect a lot. We admire their accomplishments and genuine kindness. We learn many things from those persons and may be proud of what we accomplished together. But when we openly express the true feedback in front of them, there may be a chance that they become our unexpected rivals. They try to prevent us from making any progress on our goals. They react as if they are working against us, not with us. In this way, the tension grows within relations just because of being straightforward in business or appropriate place.

It’s easy to stay quiet about problems in relationships. The majority of people avoided giving feedback, especially corrective or negative feedback. They think that they find giving corrective feedback to be a depressive and hard experience. But if we hold off on delivering harsh but necessary feedback, we allow issues to build up until they can no longer be resolved, and the things get toxic. To deal with this situation, try some tactics like:

Begin by focusing on what the individual excels at. There's a reason this is the conventional method of conveying any kind of feedback. If you believe you're being fair, the person you're speaking with will become less defensive. You could discuss their abilities that you admire or what you've learned from them. It's simpler to tolerate criticism when you're given a compliment.

Try to be a little emotionless in this situation because when we care about our work, it’s natural to get emotional about it. Delivering your point in a frustrated or angry way will surely make feedback hard to hear for any person. So give your point in a very polite way. As you know this part is crucial so just focus on the behavior instead of the person. That way, you can deliver a message that’s clear and constructive.

It is sometimes surprising for us to listen to unusual excuses when we try to give harsh feedback to people because they involve serious kinds of issues and reasons that are tough to handle and listen to. The person who tries to be a little harsh when coming into this kind of situation becomes blank. Because he or she is unable about how the difficult situations affect their work, and the ways we could help one another. But a person should handle the situations emotionlessly. They try to find solutions and also created systems to help to talk through issues regularly.

Giving severe feedback is stressful, but enduring a broken situation is even more challenging. You create space for a solution when you summon the fortitude to have the conversation. It's sometimes best to be a little harsh in situations where you and others are likely to engage in serious scenarios that could result in loss.


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