Getting the Relationship You Want!

by Marius Du Lac 2 years ago in advice

Have you ever wondered if relationships meant compromising what you truly want? Ever thought if you had to settle? Go in and give it a read. It is just that simple. We want what we want because of the feeling it gives us. Who doesn't want love in return?

Getting the Relationship You Want!

It doesn't matter what age you may be at the moment. There is no such things too soon or too late for receiving the love you want. Many of us go around fantasizing about that perfect (to you) love, and it does exist. Try this:

First: I wanna say that what I have noticed is that many go throughout their lives getting in relationships, they go well but then something happens. There are so many ways to look at that, it all depends on your perspectives on how life is and how it works. Then, there are those who let looks become the only thing they are interested in and nothing else. Granted that may be after sometime of dating and having "no luck," or just plan childhood perspectives still in place that says something like "As long as he's/she's cute, that is all that matters." What's another good one... Oh right, never get too happy because something bad happens. My favorite is coming, I can't get what I want, I have to accept the good with the bad. Ring ring, hello? Hi, that's false and couldn't be further from the truth. You are allowed to have what you want, without question. There is a reason behind why you have dated the people you dated, And it didn't work. Would you wanted to stay with the person who just couldn't stop flirting around, or the one who couldn't fully commit. Guess what, because of that ONE now you know what you want most from a relationship. See all these relationships serve a purpose, again it depends upon how you choose to see it. No one is "destined" to be single forever. What?! Below I have some info/tips whatever you want to call it. Go ahead and try and use them. This is for anyone to use and it works all the time. I have used this stuff for multiple things, And you may make mistakes but it's good, it's how you learn. Give it a go!

1. Take those loving things you want in a lover and see if you have those qualities yourself. If you do, focus on how much you love that about yourself.

2. Pamper yourself more. It's worth it. Never let anyone make you feel bad for doing for yourself. Make yourself a priority once in a while.

3. Continue to love on yourself endlessly. How can someone else love you, IF you DON'T love yourself?

4. What do you like to do? Go out and do them. Where would you go with your lover of he/she were with you right now? Where would you like to meet your lover?

5. Imagine and constantly think about what it will feel like to have them. Play around with it. The imagination is endlessly powerful! Focus on the emotion first and foremost, then... Get specific, but not too specific.

6. Sometimes you can even pretend that the person is there, when you make dinner put out another plate and pretend to talk to this person. Sounds crazy, but why be normal right?

7. Go to places that this dream guy/girl would be in your preference bank. Art gallery, Disneyland, Hogwarts, vampire fan—go to a vampire-inspired place. Enjoy, and don't look too hard.

8. What is yours will always find you. We tend to go around searching, searching.... And searching. What we want isn't lost at all. You just haven't received it yet for a reason.

9. Spend time in nature, play with a puppy, get your nails done, play some Minecraft, just chillax. What you want is already yours.

Lastly, enjoy this, enjoy yourself, have fun with this. Life is definitely meant to be fun, full of joy, love, passion, and much much more!!!!

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