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Gemini Season is here!

by Alexis Dent about a year ago in advice
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Hey Gemini, here's your horoscope for the next month!

Gemini Season is here!
Photo by Azim on Unsplash

Hey Gemini!

Spring has fully sprung, and you know what that means! Yep, it’s Gemini season.

Having fun and being playful is your birthright, Gemini, so this is your time to shine. You and your fellow Geminis will do what you do best and usher in brighter days for us all — and we cannot freaking wait. But back to you specifically, Gemini. From your love life to your financial health, everything's coming up roses for you. That is, if you’re willing to release resistance and just let the magic happen.

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up around here!

Romance looks good for you this month. With temperatures rising and the balmy days of summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to meet someone new. For overall compatibility, you’ll want to set your eyes on a Leo, Libra, Aquarius, or Aries. But if you’re not looking for true love and just want a #hotgirlsummer, you can also make things spicy with a Sagittarius or a Taurus.

The world has felt heavy for a bit, and the last thing you want to do is add relationship drama to the mix. For that reason, we recommend you stay far away from Cancers when it comes to the world of dating. Their energy will be cancerous to your playful nature and leave little fun to be had romantically. The good news is that, so long as you avoid those pesky Cancers, you can have a summer romp that is as laid back or serious as you’d like. The dating world is your oyster this season, and you get to choose your level of indulgence.

You’re in good company, Gemini.

Some of the coolest folks in Hollywood share your sign, from gymnast-turned-activist Aly Raisman, to the badass Spice Girl Mel B., to the Harry Potter villain formally known as Helena Bonham Carter. With those superstars among your ranks, who wouldn’t want to be a Gemini?

Make sure you watch those coins though!

With the world healing and you and your fellow Geminis thriving in the sunshine, it will get really easy to blow through your money. You won’t have much to watch out for in the coming months — except your bank account balance. Don’t get so free-spirited that you forget your financial goals and the importance of staying on budget.

Particularly if your aforementioned romantic romps involve a partner that enjoys the finer things in life — like a Taurus — you’ll want to be sure to befriend your budget. Fun in the sun quickly stops being fun when your bank account is trending to the land of Overdraft. Stay far away from those lands, prioritize saving first, and then play around with the rest. From afternoon ice cream shop adventures to shopping your heart out before spending a night out on the town, you can enjoy it all so long as your priorities are in the right place.

If you do nothing else this Gemini season, make sure you at least take some steps towards your dreams.

There is magic in the air, Gemini. And while some people may misunderstand your fun air sign as being two-faced or flighty, we know the truth. You are as playful as you are purposeful and you can have as many bad days as the next person. Own your truth, chase your dreams, and use the energy in the air this season to make progress on your goals. Even if the steps you take are baby steps, Future You will thank you.

What’s next?

The next month will fly by and once Gemini season comes to an end, summer is welcomed in. And what an epic summer it’s going to be! The world needs your vivacious energy, Gemini. It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride.


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