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Gemini: A Season of Transformation

Now is the time to step into your power, Gemini.

By L.A. HancockPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

Gemini, your season is upon us. A mutable air sign, you have a reputation for being vivacious, outgoing, and busy, but can also get a bad rap for being flighty, impulsive, and sarcastic. Represented in the zodiac by the twins, duality is in your nature and your friends and acquaintances often describe you as multifaceted, a person of many interests and talents.

During this Gemini season, we will also experience this week a Super Flower Blood Moon. With the moon in your fellow mutable sign, Sagittarius, you and all the mutable signs can expect to feel the effects of this eclipse more than most as you become internally reflective and consider areas of your life where you may desire to make changes.

By Yu Kato on Unsplash

A Sagittarius myself, I understand you, Gemini. We're birds of a feather, always flitting from one project to the next. We're social butterflies and we like to make ourselves the life of the party. Being a fellow mutable sign, I am a bit of a renaissance woman in the sense that I have many different interests and hobbies. In addition to teaching and writing, I have spent many years interested in astrology, tarot, and divination. I collect tarot decks and I have lots of beautiful cards, which I often pull from daily to set the tone for my day or sit down with for longer periods of time to reflect and answer my tough questions. You can learn more about tarot and the art of divination here.

To help you navigate the next season of your life, Gemini, I have created a Super Flower Blood Moon tarot spread for you, from which I have drawn several cards from my favorite deck with Gemini on the mind. Each card represents a specific question or area of your life and my hope is that you find these insights instructive.

About the Spread

This is a tarot spread created just for you, Gemini. As we move into your special season under the Sagittarius Super Flower Blood Moon, I designed this spread to give us insights into your life right now and the potential scenarios you could be looking at in future weeks.

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As I consult the cards for my Gemini readers, we will be considering what your current state is like, what your theme is for this season of your life, the challenges you may be facing and how to solve them, and what you should keep in mind in regards to your family, romantic relationships, career, and personal goals. Finally, we will gain insight into your future. Buckle up, Gemini! I know patience isn't always your strongest suit, but read on and learn what the stars have in store for you this cycle!

Gemini's Spread

I set up my altar space, Gemini, and chose nine cards for you in the order described above. Here is your spread:

Not a tarot expert? Never fear! I am here to guide you through the meanings of these nine cards, and provide you with advice as you take your next steps.

1. Your Current State

For your current state, I drew The Fool reversed. Upright, this card represents a person who goes with the flow of life, for better or worse. They often leap without having a real plan, and are open to adventures and many new experiences. Reversed, this card could mean that you are running away from reality or responsibility. Perhaps you are feeling confused with the direction your life should take, and this is manifesting itself in naivety or even immaturity. This card is warning you that you need to think carefully about your goals in this next season. Now would be a good time for a reset!

2. Theme for This Season

I drew the Seven of Wands for this season's theme. The Seven of Wands is a powerful card. It represents someone who perhaps has felt misunderstood by those around them for too long, perhaps making them feel frozen with uncertainty or indecisiveness. The Seven of Wands encourages you to take your power back. It may indicate that you will soon be put to the test in some way - this card tells us that you have the ability to uncloak the traits you have been hiding, to embrace yourself in full authenticity, and to use your talents and traits to crush goals and come into your own. When read alongside your Fool card above, we can assume that the trajectory of your life may soon be changing significantly for the better.

By Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

3. Challenge

The Ace of Wands reversed represents your current challenge, Gemini. The Ace of Wands may indicate that your current challenge is that you are feeling uninspired, perhaps as though you have a lack of direction. Upright this card very clearly represents a spark, an idea, so you should ask yourself which sparks you may be snuffing out inside yourself. I see a clear pattern in this tarot spread of feeling uncertain and unsure of yourself. The Ace of Wands tells you that you have great ideas and goals, if only you would find a way to embrace and then realize them.

4. Solution

Interestingly, the solution to this challenge is another card from the suit of Wands, which are associated with raw energy and inspiration. The Queen of Wands is a card of confidence. She accepts and embraces herself with compassion and authenticity. She knows who she is and what she is capable of. She sits unapologetically in her power. This card calls on you to do the same, Gemini. This is your season to unlock your inner strength and move confidently towards the future.

By Raul Varzar on Unsplash

5. Family

For your current family situation, I drew the Ace of Pentacles reversed. Upright this card often symbolizes abundance, whether of wealth, opportunities, and love. Reversed, it may indicate missed opportunities and miscommunications. Perhaps your family has offered you some gift, whether of time, resources, or communication, and you have refused it...even accidentally! This card indicates that now would be a good time to consider your family relationships and ways that you can invest more time and effort to whoever you consider your family - whether it's your mom, your dog, or your best friend!

6. Romance

Romance is always a tricky card to read for a large crowd, because some of you are single, others dating, and others married. For your current romantic situation, I drew the 8 of Cups. This is interesting because it's a card that calls on you to release emotional baggage. Maybe a past relationship is weighing you down. Maybe you have had some challenging arguments and disagreements in your current relationship that are still being felt by you and your partner. Maybe you have been burned previously and are finding it hard to get back out there and date. This card tells you that it's ok to let go of what has happened in the past. Now is the time to look towards your romantic future with positivity.

By Brett Jordan on Unsplash

7. Career

I drew The High Priestess in reverse for your career outlook, Gemini. She represents intuition and trust upright, so in reverse she is echoing the warnings of previous cards in this spread about lack of trust in yourself. Self-doubt may be killing your confidence in your job prospects, so you must reframe your mindsets and attitudes in order to get different results in your job search or at work!

8. Personal Goals

For your current personal goals, I drew the Four of Swords in reverse. In reverse this card may indicate some mental burnout. Perhaps when it comes to your personal goals you are frustrated by stress and lack of direction. Maybe you have tried to tackle a goal in many different ways without results. This card encourages you to take a step back from the situation and be reflective before continuing to push forward.

9. Future Outlook

For your future outlook, Gemini, I drew the King of Swords in reverse. Normally this is not exactly the most positive position for this card, but it can represent rigidity. Since you are a mutable sign, usually going with the flow, I believe this card is telling you that now is the time to buckle down, be more reflective, and be unapologetically you as you pursue your goals and dreams. The King of Swords fundamentally represents power, which I hope is something you embrace during this season. You can do it, Gemini! I believe in you!

By Aamir Suhail on Unsplash

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