Friends with Benefits

by Jean-Paul Tibbo 10 months ago in friendship

Can it work?

Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits. Is it possible to keep a friendship while sleeping with them, or would the emotions continue to evolve? What if you already had a relationship with them in the past? Can you trick your emotions into not feeling romantic or gushy over the person you once had a past with, but rather just a strict friendship type of emotion... with the benefit of sex? I guess it comes down to you and your restraints... if you go in with a clear head and heart then it's probably possible. I guess you should first buckle down and have a long talk with yourself.

Ask yourself... do you still have feelings for this person, what caused us to break up in the first place, and are those problems still around? If you no longer have romantic feelings for this person, and the reasoning for breaking up is still something that makes u despise them to the very core... then you’re probably safe to assume you won't want to get back together with them. After all, you broke up for a reason and if the reasoning is good enough, then you should have no problems with the possibility of wanting to get back together.

Of course, there is never a guarantee that those emotions and feelings might not rise once again... after all, at one point you did have feelings for them. This is where it can get really tricky. You need to make sure your heart is not involved in this setup. You need to do things that friends would do, like going for lunch, having coffee, and even watching a movie. I know it might sound like a real date, but as long as there is no courting involved, it doesn't really count as a date... now does it? People say that having sex involves having your heart in it, but I guess that depends on the person. If you find sex is a way to get closer to someone, well, then there is no hope you won't develop feelings, but if you find that sex is just nothing more than a pleasure or a way of power, then you should be fine.

If you have the willpower and mind set to not allow your emotions to get involved, then you should be fine. If either person involved starts to feel romantically involved, it is time to finish the arrangement, but if neither partner starts to feel these emotions, then there is no harm in having some fun while you wait for something meaningful to come along. It is a way to waste time while you wait. Of course, some people might disagree, but it is your life so do what makes you happy.

Life is about experiences and friends with benefits can be one of those experiences that a lot of people have while growing older. The only problem with this experience is that even if you do go into this arrangement, it usually ends up a mess by the end of it. It’s sad, but usually true. I'm not saying not to do it, or to do it, but the options and advice I have described above are just my thoughts and opinions. And so, in conclusion, is this something that everyone should experience at some point in their life? Or is the chance of falling romantically involved with this person too much to risk? If you have never dated in the past than falling romantically involved might not be a bad thing as long as both partners feel the same way, but if you do have a past with this person already, then that might be a problem.

How does it work?
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