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Tips On How To Be Attractive Without Good Looks.

By Catherine Wanjiru NdaiPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Four Ways to Be Attractive Even Without Good Looks

There is no denying that looks matter a lot in our world, yet the perception of attractive physical traits is constantly changing with trends. However, inner beauty, such as our character and personality, is what truly attracts others. It's way more important than just looks when it comes to making your relationship last. Want to know which non-physical traits make you attractive? Check out these four traits;

1. Strutting Your Stuff (Show Off)

Believe it or not, confidence is attractive. That doesn't necessarily mean you should be arrogant or have a big ego, but rather having the kind of confidence where you're secure in yourself. According to Dr. Sean Murphy, a social psychology researcher, confidence is attractive because qualities like social status, kindness, drive, and competence are hard to observe directly. Confidence reflects self-awareness, and people trust that confident individuals know themselves well. However, remember not to come off as overconfident or arrogant, as these traits are not attractive.

2. Kindness

Being kind is sexy. One of the most desirable traits in a partner is kindness, and it can actually increase one's sexual desirability. A 2013 study from the University of Oxford found that selflessness or helping behaviors may be attractive because they signal a greater likelihood of supplying non-genetic benefits such as care. Acts of altruism can make a relationship seem mutually beneficial, full of reciprocity, and an enhancement of social status. Being a kind person is a very attractive trait, so try to perform a kind act every day.

3. Being Authentic

Have you ever felt like you had to put on a persona in front of someone you liked? Being authentic is one of the most crucial components in dating and is especially important for developing long-term relationships. A Delphi University's 2019 study on authenticity, personality, and dating behavior showed that being yourself is not only attractive but also increases the chances of attracting other genuine individuals who value authenticity. The "be yourself" dating strategy is often used by authentic individuals to create successful long-term relationships. So, if you're looking to attract others, especially for a long-term relationship, just be yourself. That's what'll make you the most attractive.

4. Having a Good Laugh (Sense of Humor)

Being able to be light-hearted and having a good sense of humor can be very attractive. A 2009 study by researchers McGee and Sheldon found that compared to more serious counterparts, those with a good sense of humor were rated as more attractive and suitable for long-term partners. People tend to prefer romantic partners with a sense of humor regardless of their gender. The researchers also indicated that humor is more important for sustaining long-term relationships compared to short-term relationships. Don't be scared to crack a joke and let your goofy side slip through. It might just make you more attractive to others.

You don't have to be a model to be attractive to others. There are plenty of non-physical traits that can make you attractive and swoon people over. Having a good character can spark romantic attraction and a bond with someone special. As humans and a society, we often put so much weight on the importance of physical traits that we sometimes forget about how important non-physical traits are too. Show the world your amazing traits as much as you can. Also believe in your self and never look down upon yourself. Everybody is created with his/her own uniqueness . Be happy about who you are. If you enjoyed this article, please make sure to like and subscribe for more psychology content like this. Thank you.


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