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Five words that will change your life

by MelonHeaddh 2 months ago in advice

Five words that will change your life

Five words that will change your life
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 The first sentence is: excellence is a habit


  If excellence is a habit, then laziness is also a habit. When people are born, everything is basically formed later in life, except for their temperament which will be different because of their nature. Therefore, our every word and deed is a habit that is developed day by day and month by month. So we have to turn excellence into a habit from now on, so that our excellent behavior is habitual and becomes our second nature. Let us habitually create and think, habitually do things carefully, habitually be friendly to others, and habitually appreciate nature.


  The second statement is that life is a process


  Although the result of things is important, the process of doing things is more important, because we will be happier when the result is good, but the process makes our life full. Life itself doesn't really have any meaning, it's just that you give your life a meaning you wish to achieve, so the process of enjoying life is meaningful in itself.


  The third sentence is: The shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line


  In dealing with people and doing things, it is difficult to get things done in a straightforward manner. Sometimes it takes waiting, sometimes it takes cooperation, and sometimes it takes skill. You must know that the distance between two points is shortest in a straight line. If you are walking, from A to B, and it is clear that you can go straight through, but everyone does not go straight, you had better not go either, because there must be a trap in it.


  The fourth sentence is: only those who know how to stop know how to speed up


  When skiing, the biggest experience is that you can't stop. When I first learned to ski without a coach, I ended up skiing from the top of the mountain to the bottom, actually rolling down the mountain and falling many times. Finally I repeatedly practiced how to stop on the snow and slopes. After practicing for a week, I finally learned to stop, slide, and stop again on any slope. This is when I realized I could ski. Because I knew I could stop whenever I wanted to, as soon as I turned around. As long as you can stop, you won't hit a tree, you won't hit a rock, you won't hit a person, you won't get run over. Therefore, only those who know how to stop know how to move forward at high speed.


  Using a car as an analogy, BMW can go on 200 km, but Chery can only go on 120 km, why? The engine is estimated to be comparable, the gap in the braking system, Chery on 200 km on the brake can not brake!


  The fifth sentence is: give up is a kind of wisdom, defects are - a kind of grace


  When you have six apples, do not eat them all, because you eat all six apples, you also only eat six apples. If you take five of the six apples and give them to someone else, even though on the surface you lose five apples, you actually gain the friendship and goodwill of five other people. When others have other fruits, they will surely share with you too, you will get an orange from this person and a pear from that person, and finally you may get six different fruits and six people's friendship. That's why giving up is a kind of wisdom.


  The greatest joy of being human is to struggle to get what we want, so having shortcomings means we can further perfect, and having scarcity means we can further strive. When a person lacks nothing, he is deprived of the meaning of life. What a wonderful thing it would be if we woke up every morning and felt that we still lacked something today, that we still needed to be more perfect, that we still had something to pursue!

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