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How To Know Someone Has feeling For You

By Catherine Wanjiru NdaiPublished 5 months ago 3 min read


Determining if someone harbors profound emotions for you can be likened to sensing the elusive wind—you feel its presence but struggle to fully grasp it. Have you ever sifted through a sea of smiles, words, and gestures, seeking signs to discern if someone holds deep feelings for you? Today, we aim to decipher the subtle cues that suggest someone may feel more for you than they express. Bear in mind that these are not absolutes but rather guideposts for understanding their emotions.

1. Sustained and Meaningful Communication

Imagine being in a quaint cafe, enveloped in the aroma of fresh coffee, when your phone vibrates, a text from that special someone inquiring about your day or sharing a humorous anecdote. Communication is not obligatory but rather a genuine desire to delve into your world. Dr. John Gottman, a renowned relationship psychologist, posits that successful couples consistently engage in each other's lives, demonstrating regular interest and fondness. Meaningful communication signifies a deep emotional connection—an unmistakable sign of profound feelings. Can you think of someone consistently communicating with you in a meaningful way?

2. Acts of Kindness and Thoughtfulness

Picture this: You casually mention your favorite book, and days later, you discover a copy of it on your desk with a small note attached, saying, 'Thought you might enjoy this.' These acts of kindness and thoughtfulness, manifested in paying attention to small details, reflect deep affection. Dr. Gary Chapman, author of 'The Five Love Languages,' asserts that acts of service are a significant way of expressing love. Regardless of size, these thoughtful gestures convey that you matter, demonstrating care and remembrance. Does someone in your life exhibit this kind of thoughtfulness?

3. Emotional Vulnerability and Trust

In moments when laughter subsides, giving way to quiet seriousness, they share something personal—something vulnerable, like fears, dreams, or their life story. Being emotionally vulnerable is a significant sign of trust, indicating that they feel secure enough to open up. Dr. Brené Brown, a renowned speaker and researcher, posits that vulnerability is the cornerstone of all emotions. If someone is willing to reveal their true selves, it's a clear indication of deep feelings.

4. Protectiveness

Envision being at a crowded party with your companion, engrossed in lively conversation, when a stranger makes inappropriate comments toward you. Without hesitation, your companion steps in, firmly confronting the individual and ensuring your comfort and safety. Their protective instinct kicks in naturally, fueled by genuine care and affection. Dr. David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist, suggests that protectiveness is a fundamental aspect of intimate relationships, often emerging from deep care and affection. Can you recall someone who shows a protective side when you're around? That can be that person who has got deep feelings on you, who protects you each and every time.

5. Investment of Time and Energy in Your Relationship

Recall moments when you were planning a project or facing a challenge—this person was there, offering support and dedicating their time and energy. Dr. Robert Sternberg's triangular theory of love suggests that real love involves a substantial investment of time, effort, and resources in nurturing the relationship. If someone consistently invests in your relationship and shows up for you, it's a clear sign of deep feelings. Who comes to mind when you think of someone investing time and energy into your relationship?

While these signs offer valuable insights, direct communication remains the best approach for matters of the heart. Do you identify with any of these signs in your relationship, or do you recognize these behaviors in yourself toward someone else? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below."


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  • Mwendiyy5 months ago

    Nice one 👍

  • Raymond 5 months ago

    very thoughtful

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