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"Five feet apart" aka. did this movie just become our life?!

by Emily 3 months ago in advice

When this movie came out, we didn`t know that it could become our everyday life, then Covid happened...

"Five feet apart" aka. did this movie just become our life?!

Welcome, welcome my beautiful people!!!! Ok, I know there is only couple of people reading this article, but thank you all for being here. I`m serious, I appreciate everyone who wonders up here to read a post or two, or even a line or so. Even if it`s just because we are all at home doing nothing and trying to do something... :) I really hope, whoever comes up here gets a giggle, a smile or starts to wonder about topics. If not, it`s ok, I`m here for you too and I`m trying to be funnier. :D

During the long quarantine, I befriended Netflix. I think our relationship will last longer than the pandemic, we are serious about us... Ok, jokes... but just like everyone else, I had way toooooo much time in my hand to watch movies I wanted, but I was to busy to do it or recommended movies from friends and family. Am I the only one?! I doubt that. :) So a movie called "5 feet apart" was also on my "to watch" list and on my recommended, it only means I really had to watch it. No excuses anymore... So I did and I LOVED IT!!!!! If you haven`t seen it, GO and DO IT! If you have, keep reading. Am I left alone again, because everyone went on Netflix to catch up on that movie?! Oh well... It worth it anyways. That movie needs to be seen, it has a great meaning, great message, great work. And just before you come at me, NO, I didn`t like it just because Cole Sprouse. Nope, I actually liked the movie and everything about it just how it was. Believe it or not...

Anyways, I was just wondering, doesn`t it look like and somewhat feel like our days?! Staying preferably 6 feet away, wearing face mask and gloves... It seems like I have seen that before... yep, on the street and in the movie... I know, I`m just an average person living a usual life, but I was able to relate with their situation. Just taking my life, I haven`t hugged my best friend for more than 6 months and it doesn`t seem like it could happen anytime soon. I haven`t seen my family even longer than that, because the borders are basically closed. But these are just the biggest ones and not even all...

We used to raise our eyebrows when we heard that one of our friend was in a long distance relationship, jokes on us now, huh?! Now, it became the new normal. Or isn`t FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, video chat,... became our new usual meet ups?! Also, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube,... became our new cinema and theatre, didn`t they?!

But seriously, I hope you can see it too by now... But let`s talk about the quote that we hear in the beginning and end of the movie, "... we need that (human) touch from the one we love almost as much as we need air to breath..." These days none of those are safe, is it?! But, which one of them are harder on us?! The fact that we have to work from home, chill and watch movies/ play video games or that we can`t be there for those we love when they need us or we want to?! Also, that now we are missing out on building memories with those who mean the most to us?! I`ll let you answer for yourself, but I have a feeling, a strong one, what is most of yours answer...

We need love, we need to feel loved, it is just who we are. But now, when things change and we can`t go by our regular, we start to understand how much little things mean to us, how much people mean to us and what would we do just to keep them safe.

You might say, I went too deep with the parallels with the movie vs. life, but I don`t know. I only hope that I did justice with this post. It might be more serious than the usual ones, but I`m really passionate about what I love, and I love this movie. :) As a picture, here is the movie poster, which I really like, because it has a hopeful vibe, we should too. It will be over sometimes and then we will reunite, until then write that email, make that phone call, take the time to show someone that you still care. :) Stay safe and keep others safe!

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