"Falling For You" (Pt.5)

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After last night, all she could think about was the beautiful woman she danced with. The way they danced together, bodies and eyes never peeled from each other, revived feelings of true love again.

"Falling For You" (Pt.5)

A new day has come and Abby still remained tucked under the covers. The sunlight gracefully spills on the covers. A noisome tick and tacking sound repeatedly hit on her bedroom window. Abby groans in her sleep in response to its annoyance. The sound grows louder and louder causing her to wake up abruptly.


Her heavy sleepy eyes dart at the alarm clock, squinting until she realizes.

"Fuckidy Fuckidy fuck fuck!"

"I'm fucking late!"

Abby looks at the window where the noise keeps growing louder and sees a bird constantly hitting its beak against the glass.

She walks by the window in frustration and opens it causing the little brown bird to fly away. She runs in the bathroom and gets ready within minutes. She rushes in her car and drives to the mansion.


Meanwhile, at the mansion, Ellie awaits in the kitchen pacing back and forth impatiently constantly checking her watch. The door finally opens and Abby walks in. She makes her way to the stairs when suddenly she hears someone in the kitchen which wasn't too far in distance.

She makes her way there and finds Ellie standing by the mini-bar with two glasses and a bottle of red wine. Their eyes meet across the room and Abby stops in her tracks surprised at what's in front of her.

"Good morning!"

Abby begins.

"You're late." A serious expression forms on Ellie's face. She was intimidating but sexy.

"I-I know and I'm sorry! I should be taking this more seriously."


She teases with an innocently coy smile dancing on her lips.

She continues, "I know just how stressful this is. No need to be sorry."

Abby's face relaxes at the sound of Ellie's voice and change of words. Her eyes dart between the bottle of wine and Ellie.

"What is this?"

"A little something to take the stress away."

Ellie says while pouring her a glass.


She hands her the glass. Abby looks at it from afar and then she looks down, refusing.

"I can't, I'm sorry."

"Abby, take the wine and stop being so modest. You need it!"

Her hand is still handing Abby the glass of wine. She looks at it from a distance fighting her thoughts on whether she should drink it or not. One sip wouldn't do any harm. It's not like Ellie was trying to get to her in some way. It was just a harmless glass of wine staring back at her with its great taste awaiting to be discovered on her tastebuds.

Ellie wasn't gonna take no for an answer so Abby finally takes the glass and sips the wine. Her eyes never leaving Ellie's. She smiles to herself while rolling her eyes at her. Ellie smiles back thinking that maybe she was finally getting through past the walls Abby had built on her.

"Stop it!"

Abby speaks breaking the silence.

"Stop what?"

"You're staring."

She continues while putting the glass down and crossing her arms.

"So are you... and because you are beautiful."

Ellie keeps her cool. She was so well composed and that made her even more desiring and interesting.

Remembering that she was married, a sick feeling formed in the bottom pit of her stomach. She couldn't give up the fight just yet. Maybe things could work out with Sam if she just tried harder. And Ellie was making that very difficult to do so.

Abby clears her throat and swallows hard. She runs her hand in her hair and begins breaking down the terms to Ellie.

She begins, "I never knew that you were my client... if I did I would have never danced with you."

"Was it that bad...the dance?"

She continues while putting one hand in her high waisted plaid sash tie ankle pant as the other hand carried the glass of wine, "Because the last time I remember you were into it and I was into you..."

She moves closer to Abby and they are only a few inches away. Abby's breath hitches as her sight falls upon Ellie's sexy lips. Man, her presence was positively overwhelming. It weakened Abby's knees.

"Tell me about yourself, Abby"

She places the glass on the island.

Her citrusy and sharp, yet subtle fragrance, with hints of vanilla, surround Abby, mesmerizing her by it.

Snap out of it!

Abby reminds herself to focus on what's real and what's not. And what's real is the house that Ellie needed to purchase and her husband, her marriage, her life. Ellie wasn't real. This feeling only formulated overnight. It couldn't be real love and yet Abby hasn't felt real love for so long. Her mind was confused.

What is real and what isn't? Snap out of it Abby!

"Are you just gonna leave me hanging?"

Ellie's voice comes into sound and Abby is back in her mind.

"I am a real estate consultant and I am married."

Abby says and drinks another sip of her wine.

She already knows that damn! How stupid can I be?

"Okay... tell me something I don't know?"

"That's all you need to know!"

Abby countered.

Ellie continues to ask out of curiosity, "No pets... no favorite music band? Nothing?"

"Do not take advantage of me drinking wine with you! You are my client and that's all! This has to be professional, Ellie!"

Abby snaps back at Ellie. She takes her car keys and begins to walk away. Ellie catches up to her and grabs her hand, stopping her from leaving.

"Abby, wait! I'm sorry I Didn't mean to intrude your personal life! It's just I find you interesting and... beautiful and..."

"I'm happily married!"

Abby takes back her hand and steps away from Ellie.

"I know."

"Good. Then stop!"

"Tell me why were you at the club at midnight while you could have been with your husband?"

"You have no right to ask that!"

Abby snaps again this time she was even angrier.

"You're right... I'm sorry!"

Both hearts sprint away. Ellie avoids Abby's eyes. Somehow there is a hint of regret in her eyes. Maybe Abby regretted turning Ellie down. She felt conscience-stricken of refusing to feel Ellie's love. And love is something she hasn't felt in a long time. It is something she craves to feel again. With Sam, love had turned to a foreign feeling.

Without thinking about it, Abby reaches for Ellie's hand and holds it. Shocked but calm she looks at Abby, hopefully, this was a good sign. Maybe she had a change of heart.

"We are finishing the tour tomorrow, same hour."

Damn, she is so beautiful! Okay, if I kiss her right now, the outcome will probably be A: she will kiss me back or B: she will slap me and give another song about her being married which I don't give a fuck about, she is gorgeous! And... she will leave no matter how gorgeous she is!

Why does love have to be so fucking hard to figure out at first? Okay... I'll go with option A! Good luck to me!

Ellie steps closer to Abby without giving a thought, she kisses Abby. She had slammed her lips to Abby's and nearly knocked all wind from her lungs. Their lips meet in perfect rhythm. Her hands pulling Abby's waist closer. That feeling comes again but Abby ignores it.

Then it became slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. Her hand rested below Abby's ear, her thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled.

Abby responded by running her fingers down Ellie's spine, pulling her closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of her heart against her chest.

They both run out of breath as adrenaline rush in their system.

Finally, Abby pulls away and breathes as if she had reached the finish line of a race.


She says in a whisper. Her eyes glued to Ellie's.

"I'm not apologizing for falling in love with you!"

"I have to go."

Abby quickly turns and leaves.

-- --- ---

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