"Falling For You" (Pt.4)

A woman struggles to find peace within her marriage until she meets her client who threatens to turn their lives in different paths.

"Falling For You" (Pt.4)

The loud beeping sound of the alarm clock has been on repeat for the past thirty minutes. Abby and her husband, Sam, still remain on their bed, seduced by sleep.

She rested her head on Sam's chest. Both had spent the night together in pure harmony. Others might call it the beast with two backs.

"Bloody hell!"

Abby awakes from her deep slumber, her hand almost smashing the alarm clock.

"Shit, I'm late!"

"Morning, babe."

Sam gets up, rubbing his eyes, smiling at her.

Without another word, Abby rushes to the bathroom and gets ready. On her way to the bedroom door, she grabs her coat. Sam rushes behind her, catching her by the waist and he pulls her backward, her back on his chest. He kisses her neck and hugs her goodbye.

"Hey, you wouldn't leave without a kiss and saying goodbye?"

"Now is not the time, Sam."

"Last night was magical! Let's do it again?"

Abby's protests, "I'm late for work... another time. Bye!"

She turns around and returns a kiss on his cheek.


Abby arrives at the location she was sent to meet with her client.

"This is basically a mansion!"

She whispers to herself while gazing at the gigantic home in front of her. She parks her car around the roundabout where a Greek statue of a woman stood with water flowing around its fountain.

The green grass on the lawn was perfectly trimmed and the bushes were perfectly shaped.

She enters through the front door. Echoes of the door closing spread in the house. It seemed to be quiet although she did see her client's car parked outside.

She climbs the stairs one by one observing the wide parlor, letting her hands feel the wooden design, the curves, and edges that were carved into a perfect masterpiece.

"Hello, Ms. Brian?" Abby calls to check if her client was nearby.

"In here!" she calls out in the proceeding room before Abby.

"Ahh, I was beginning to wonder if I was-"

Abby's words seem to have lost the ability to gain sound when she sees the face behind the name, Ellie Brian.

Her mouth hangs open when she meets Abby's eyes. She takes in the beautiful view of Abby's outfit. She wore a dark violet pencil skirt that showed her perfectly toned legs. Her sexy figure drew on the skirt revealing every curve of her body and the shape of her thighs.

On the top, she wore a white dress shirt and left a couple of buttons opens. Ellie's eyes examine Abby's exposed chest.

Provoking, isn't it?

God, she is pretty!

Ellie speaks in her mind.

Abby's cheeks burn bright red, a blush begins to form. Unable to look away, Abby clears her throat uncomfortably and Ellie's eyes peel away in embarrassment for letting her eye wander too much.

"It's uh... it's you?"

Ellie tries to detach her regard from Abby.

"So, you're Ms. Brian?"

"Sorry to sound completely rude...!"

"Don't apologize... I'm the one who should apologize. I am really sorry I made you uncomfortable last night. If I knew that you were married I probably would've never touched you."

Abby gazes at Ellie. She was beautiful. The color of her eyes, green like mother nature. Her fragrance, it is citrusy and sharp, yet subtle, and it gradually transforms into this mesmerizing floral scent with just a tiny hint of musk and vanilla.

Abby feels it again, the tingling feeling in her stomach. She looks away catching her breath. Trying to keep it professional was a challenge she was willing to take. Cheating on Sam and hurting him was not on her agenda.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Ms. Brian."

"And if it were to happen again... would you do it?"

Ellie's question catches Abby off guard. She thinks about what to say; how should she answer this question?

Of course, I would do it again

She spoke in her mind. But the reality was less expectant than that.

"Let's begin the tour?"

Abby immediately changes the subject.

This was indeed a workday. Meaning, she came to work, not to chat. She got paid to work not to fall in love with the perfect stranger. Abby gathers all of her emotions and boxes it away. She begins making her way towards the door of the room.

They both try to step out of the room at the same time and accidentally bump into each other. Ellie's hand slightly touches Abby's waist for support.

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

She says, quickly removing her hand and stepping away from the door. She looks away, cheeks burning bright red.

"No, I am!"

Abby countered.

"You first!"

Ellie watched her closely. God, she was in love with her. With everything about her. With every move Abby made, the way she talked, the way she looked at her. The way she held her breath and forgot to breathe at the sight of her.

"Are you coming?"

Abby calls out to Ellie who is still upstairs, her thoughts wandering away.

"Uh... yea! I'm coming!"


Abby spends the next hour giving her a tour of the house. Throughout the tour, they find themselves almost unconsciously glancing at each other. They cover at least half of the house and walk back to the parlor.

"Would you like a break? We've covered half of the house and I'm afraid if we keep going you might breakdown from the fatigue."

"Have lunch with me?" Ellie suggests while typing something in her phone. She was a businesswoman, after all, her attention would be hard to get sometimes if it ever came down to it.

She puts her phone away and looks at Abby waiting for an answer.

"Nothing inappropriate... just lunch," she says smiling at Abby.

She looks at her phone again and then puts it in her purse. "And if it comes down to anything inappropriate... I will refrain myself."

"I promise."

Her eyes remain on Abby who seems dumbfounded.

"I'll take your word for it. Lead the way!"

Ellie opens the door and leads Abby outside.

"I'll drive?"

"No... you don't have to... I can just follow you in my car."

"I don't take 'no' for an answer. I'm driving."

Ellie unlocks her BMW 8 series coupe. They both hop in and drive away into town. Within ten minutes reach they arrive and park outside of an Italian restaurant.

Abby sees the restaurant and tries to protest against going in.

"Ms. Brian-"

"Call me Ellie."

"Ellie, I can't eat in there with you. I'm sorry!"

"Why not?"

"It's nice of you but I'd rather go to a place less expensive."

"This is me making it up to you for last night... and plus it's not a date... it's just lunch and it's on me!"

A pleading look forms on Ellie's face. The wind blows at them, bringing Abby's hair back into perfect motion. She crosses her arms countering but then agrees.

"Okay, take me inside."

A wide grin forms on Ellie's face. She opens the door for Abby and they both walk in. They make their way to the front register.

"Reservation for Ellie Brian?"

The woman at the register asks.

"Yes, please! Make a table for two, please."

A waitress comes over and shows them to their table. They both sit silently waiting for their food.

"Do you regularly come here?"

Abby's eyes shift back and forth between Ellie's eyes and her lips.

"Yes. During my lunch breaks at work or after work if I can't make it for lunch."

"Who do you often come with?"

A curious tone in Abby's voice. Ellie doesn't answer right away. Her mind seems to be clouded with thoughts. Thoughts that seem to have taken her mind away for a quick moment.

"No one," she finally says in an uneasy tone.

Abby nods at her response. Finally, the waitress comes over with the food they had ordered. They both begin to eat.

"What do you think about the house?"

Abby speaks while drinking a sip of water. She clears her throat and gives all of her attention to Ellie. She had to say something since the silence became excessive. She didn't like that she had to refrain herself from fantasizing of Ellie. She was gorgeous and just looking at her was like a blessing from heaven.

"What do you want to know?"

"Anything that's on your mind."

Ellie puts her leg on top of the other, crossing them. Her posture was so elegantly charming and relaxed. Imposing, almost but it had a stoic sense to it.

She looked like someone who always got what she wanted even if it took a little suffering here and there.

Ellie asks, "Where do I begin?"

"Did you like the style of the house?"

"Yea... I liked it."

"Oh come on, there's gotta be more to it than that!" she says with a playful smile dancing on her lips.

"I liked the Georgian colonial with a hint of federal colonial. I loved the pool and many other things that it has. The interior design is amazing!"

Abby smiles innocently while finishing her food. A smile she probably hasn't used for years until today. If talking was touching she would have insisted a long time ago. Yes, she's only met Ellie last night but last night was magical. Last night made Abby feel alive and happy to see another day like this.

To each other, they were like priceless artifacts at a museum that you could not touch but only contemplate with your eyes.

The waitress comes to drop the bill. Abby opens her purse and pulls out her wallet. Ellie dismissively countered.

"Sorry, but I can't let you pay! This is on me."

Abby runs her hand in her hair uncomfortable with the situation. She clears her throat and looks down when Ellie pays for their food.

"Ready to go?"

Abby nods and they both head to Ellie's car and drive back to the mansion.

Ellie parks her car next to Abby's. She turns off the engine and looks over at Abby. There it was again; that look! They both felt it but none wanted to act upon it. Abby looks forward breaking the eye contact.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"

Ellie says while smiling over at Abby.

"Yea." Abby steps out of the car and hops in her own car and leaves. Ellie watches her drive away.

--- --- ---

N/A (Author)

Thank you for reading my story! Let me know what you think! If you think Ellie and Abby should be together let me know!

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