"Falling For You" (Pt. 3)

A married woman struggles to find peace within her marriage until she meets her client who threatens to turn both of their lives into a different path.

"Falling For You" (Pt. 3)

The mysterious woman disappears in the crowd, nowhere to be seen. Abby begins her search on the dance floor, looking around for the woman. This game of "hide and seek" was another way of luring her into this unconscious love trap and Abby loved it. She loved every second of it.

Suddenly, their eyes meet from across the dance floor and Abby makes her way to the woman. She didn't ask her name and at the moment it didn't matter.

The rules of law of attraction simply begin to manifest itself in between them. The woman stands, her eyes focused on Abby.

The red strobe lights painted all over the woman's face complimenting all of her exotic features, making her a god of beauty. Abby couldn't help but blush.

"Took you long enough..."

She says as her eyes roam all over Abby's body. Taking all of Abby in. She bites her lower lip in the process.

"Wasn't hard... that's because you are beautiful."

She reaches for Abby's waist, letting each finger get a feel and touch. She brings her closer while keeping a steady gaze on Abby's lips.

Because Abby is new to the situation, she hesitantly places her arms on top of the woman's shoulders then around her neck, slowly embracing her.

They both lose themselves in the music, swaying away with twists and turns, bodies touching. The woman lets her hands travel on Abby's body and her soft plush lips begin to plant hot kisses down Abby's neck. Abby's heart quickens at the gesture, later on relaxing her body, giving herself away at the pleasure it brought.

Her entire life Abby has and only dated guys. Girls weren't her thing but this girl was something else. This woman made Abby feel different.

She loved the way the woman made her feel, Abby wanted her.

Suddenly, she opens her eyes, cutting herself off from the moment.

She knew this wasn't fair to her husband. She knew this was wrong and it was going to rage a storm if her husband ever found out and that was the last thing on Abby's mind.

Deep down in her heart, she wanted to feel this way with this woman she just met but in her mind, every feeling shut off to bring her back to reality.

She breaks the embrace and realizes that wasn't supposed to happen. All of her feelings swarm in, she thinks about the husband she left at home. She thinks about the way this woman made her feel. Every feeling there ever was and is rushes at her, giving her panic and leaving her confused.

A tingly feeling rises at the bottom pit of her stomach.

She walks away. The woman follows Abby close behind and stops her from leaving.

"Hey, wait!"

"Did I do something wrong?"

"I can't do what I just did!"

The woman walks in front of Abby to get a good look at her face. She tries to reach for Abby's hand but she countered.

"You're crying... Listen I didn't mean to—"

Abby cuts her off and wipes her tears.

"It's not you! I haven't felt like that in a long time... I had a great time with you."


"I'm married!"

The woman didn't look shocked and disappointed. She just wanted to be there for Abby because she felt it too. That electrical-magnetic feeling that drew them together while they were dancing.

Abby shows her the ring on her finger and walks away without ever looking back.


Josh follows her outside, calling out to her.

"What was that about?"

He takes her hand and stops her from walking further.

"Hey, talk to me!"

Josh and Abby both walk out the door. The cool breeze blows in the faces. The air outside was less humid, better for Abby to process what just happened.

"Abby, hey! Talk to me, what happened?"

"I'm going home! I can't stay here!"

"Abby! Abby!"

Josh steps in front of her and stops her from going further.

"Josh, I'm married! And I just don't want to do something I will regret in the future."

He presses, "And that thing is...?"

"Cheat... I don't want to cheat on Sam!"

She breaks into tears and he wraps his arms around her, hugging her. She sinks in his comfort; hence it was the best in the world. He knew how to be a good friend to her. After a moment she gains control of sobs. He releases her from the hug and looks at her.

"Abby, listen to me. You are gonna go home and be with your husband, okay?... Is that what you want?"


He wipes her tears with his handkerchief. He walks her over to her car and opens the door for her. She starts the engine of her car and drives home.


Abby finally arrives home and carefully opens the front door. She finds Sam pacing back and forth in the house.


She calls out to him. The tone in her voice was happy and relieved to see him. Guilt lurked at the corner of the door, waiting to strike.

"Abby... where were you? I was worried about you. It's one in the morning a-and I called your cell but you didn't pick up. I thought that maybe something happened."

She walks over to him in a hurry and hugs him. After releasing him from the hug, she kisses him, deeply. Only she knew the reasons behind that vain kiss. The kiss of Judas!

"I missed you, Sam!"

"Babe, I love you!"

He wipes her tears with his thumb.

Blinded by her tears of guilt, Sam's affection for his wife grew stronger and little did she know what tomorrow holds.

--- --- ---

N/A (Author)

Thank you for reading my story! I hope you all enjoyed it! If you have some ideas on how this story should go, feel free to let me know what you think! Until next time!

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