"Falling For You" (Pt. 2)

A married woman struggles to find peace within her marriage until she meets her client who threatens to turn both of their lives into a different path.

"Falling For You" (Pt. 2)

The day went by quickly and Abby remained in her office studying every little detail about her client. This felt like a test Samantha put her up to. It was unusual that her boss put so much trust in her. I guess the real question on Abby's mind is—"Why didn't Samantha just convince her friend to purchase that house? It was her friend, right?"

Abby jumps at the sound of a knock on her door.

"Come in!"

She puts away the papers in the folder and folds her arms on top of the desk.

"Are you planning to rot in here?"

Josh pokes his head in the door and then his whole body follows, as he opens the door wider.

"Nooo... but do you have a plan on rescuing me out?"

Abby puts her chin on top of her hands and smiles widely.

"There is no need to rescue you. The hourglass has already stopped and you are still here in your office. Everyone's left already!"

Josh approaches her desk and spreads his arms wider on it, looking down at her, straight in the eyes.

"Fine! Since you won't be my Prince Charming... I would have to find one!"

"So, where are you taking me?"

She puts her things in her handbag and turns off the lamp on her desk. She walks around her desk and meets Josh, placing her hand on his shoulder as they both walk out of her office.

"The hottest club there is in New York City!"

"I thought you said dinner?"

"You are so modest! That is dinner... well, for me that is!"

Abby rolls her eyes. They walk out of the building and meet the crisp air that softly blew in their faces. Abby's phone rings and she answers it.


"Abby, are you still in your office?"

"Yes, I will be staying a little longer."

Abby paces back and forth in frustration and at the sound of Sam's voice over the phone.

"Well, I'm home right now. I decided to come home early and I thought that you'd be here too. How about I come over?"

"Sam... I can't be distracted. Samantha gave me the assignment to complete tonight. I'll let you know when I get there, okay?"

"Uhh... sure! No problem, I will wait for you."

Deep down, Abby knew she wasn't going to be working late and lying to her husband felt uneasy but it was somehow the best thing to do at that moment. Hence, she no longer felt his love or felt love for him. For it was gone like the wind.

"I love you."

Sam says over the phone. The tone in his voice sounded like it was guilt that pushed him to say it. Sam's words felt foreign to her. She was no longer familiar with these two-faced words that came out of his mouth.

"I gotta go! Bye, Sam."

Abby hangs up the phone and turns to Josh who is leaning onto his car. "Let's go!"

Each gets in their car and ride under the street lights that led to the famous club, "La Vie En Rose."


The door swings open and the music blasts out the speakers. The blaring bass makes the room shake. The strobe lights pierce across the room. From afar you can see bodies mingle on the dance floor. The two friends make their way to the bar.

The bartender walks up to them. His surf boy-wavy hair fell just right above his broad muscular shoulders. Anyone who was up close to him could see the way his muscles drew on his tight t-shirt.

In a room filled with many people, his cologne managed to give away it's earthy sandalwood scent.

Abby's eyes roam all over his body and catch sight of the tattoo of a lion his left arm.

"Name your poison!"

He says while throwing a small white cleaning towel over his shoulder.

"Gin and tonic, "

Abby says, making eye contact with him, keeping his attention all to herself.

"White Russian!"

Josh says, lifting a finger, trying to get the bartender's attention.

"Alright, coming right up!"

He wipes the counter and leaves, looking back at Abby with a smile forming on his lips. The drinks arrive in no time and they both drink away their sorrow.

"I'm gonna go dance. The babes await my arrival!"

Abby laughs at Josh's words.

"You mean the security guards? Anywho, go have fun and good luck!"

"Don't need it!"

He leaves before she even gets the chance to reply. He makes his way to the dance floor and catches a young woman's attention and sways with her to the beat of the music blasting out of the speakers.

"Hey, Mr. Bartender!"

A woman walks up to the bar, snaps her finger at the bartender, trying to get his attention. He walks over to her with a straight face. This time he looked annoyed.

"What's your cure?"

He asks, staring at her.

"Excuse me?"

"What would you like to drink?"

"Two shots, please?"

In a hurry, he comes back with her drinks and leaves quickly to attend other customers. She drinks the shots in a single gulp one after the other, without wincing a bit.

"What's your deal?"

Abby asks the woman just to try to make conversation with a stranger. Who knows, maybe they will bond and find somethings in common to talk about.

"Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude... I didn't come here to make conversation!"

"I'm sorry... you look like someone who is trying to bury their sorrow faster than they can down a drink... I don't mean to pry..."

Abby casually turns her attention elsewhere after apologizing. The woman obviously wasn't friendly and welcoming, so why bother?

"Why should I tell you?"

She finally breaks the silence and speaks.

"You don't have to..."

Abby responds.

"Let's just say I am making a big decision in my life, for example... I am buying a house."

"That's why you're drinking?"

"Well, along with many other personal things going on in my life... I don't pour my problems out to strangers."

"And you..."

She continues.

"What brings you here drinking gin and tonic?"

"My friend over there!"

Abby Points at Josh who is already making out with the woman he was dancing with earlier. His hand slides down her hips, grabbing them, he pulls her closer to him. Their kiss deepens at every increasing second.

"Wow, he's having fun!"

They both laugh it out. Abby takes another sip at her drink.

"And what's the second reason?"

She looks at Abby. There was something about the way she looked at her, this crazy desire to know more even though earlier she was as cold as ice. Being cold, it suited her. It made her strongly attractive.

"What makes you think there is a second reason?"

Abby looks away, avoiding the woman's gaze. Her hair falls over her shoulder, blocking her face and that was good. It blocked her suffering expression from the beautiful stranger asking the questions. The woman tucks away a lock of hair from Abby's face and brings it behind her ear. She places her finger on Abby's chin and lifts it up so that she could look at her. Such courage she had, the woman.

"Well... you could be having fun out there like your best friend but instead you are sitting here all alone... drinking gin and tonic"

"Here I am... but I am not alone... I have you talking to me."

Abby pauses.

"What gave me away? Am I taking funny?"

Abby continues.

The woman looks at Abby and smiles, sweetly. She leans in and takes away Abby's drink.

"Hey, that's my drink!"

"You can have your drink back..."

She smiles coyly, constantly looking back and forth between Abby lips and her eyes. She leans even closer, holding Abby's gaze.

"You have to dance with me first!"

She brings her face closer, only inches away from that they stood apart.

"That wouldn't be so hard...!"

The woman brings her lips near Abby's ear and spoke in a whisper.

"No? Come find me then!"

--- --- ---

N/A (Author)

Thank you for reading my story! I hope you all enjoyed it! If you have some ideas on how this story should go, feel free to let me know what you think! Until next time!

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