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Everyone Is Offended By Something - Even YOU!

by Chris Hearn 3 months ago in humanity

Yes, YOU!

Image by Julien L/Unsplash

People are too offended these days about everything, I am often told by people who themselves get too offended by things these days.

We all have SOMETHING that we get highly offended about. None of us are so laid back and chill with such neutral feelings on everything to never, ever get offended by anything. It's just human nature. It's the reality that comes with having human emotions. We feel things, and one of those things we feel is offence. If you feel offended, you feel offended, and no one can take that away from you. Feel free to feel offended.

Those who seem to be speak out against people getting offended sometimes seem like they are the MOST offended of anyone. Heck, I even think that some who get really bent out of shape could be described as being offended that others are offended. People being offended really seems to offend some people.

I'm currently engaging in conversations online with people defending the new Dave Chappelle special, The Closer. Well, I am also defending it, to be fair. But, it is interesting how many of those who say things like "People are too soft these days! Chappelle is brilliant!" will bristle if you hit on a topic that really pushes their buttons. For example, an always sensitive topic is religion. A dude I was chatting with was all pro-Chappelle and saying that those who are offended are, well, you know...the P-word. Hopefully you can figure out which P-word he meant. When I mentioned his religion however, wow, he got quite defensive. So, even this dude who is calling people who were offended the P-word had his breaking point.

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I do think that issues of freedom of speech and freedom of expression are deeply liberal views, however, some of those fighting the hardest for these (at least in theory) are conservatives. You got Trump supporters laughing about snowflakes and people being too sensitive and holding up the banner of free speech who will lose it if you dare criticize Trump. And, when you do this, do they see the irony? Heck no! Of course not. Why would they?

It's all tribalism, man. All tribalism.

I wrote this article last year (I Will Not Abandon Kyle Larson) over an incident where my favorite NASCAR driver, Kyle Larson, was suspended from racing after he used the N-word while playing a computer racing game. In it, I say that NASCAR was being hypocritical in suspending Larson for his error in judgement when the sport embraces Donald Trump, who has often been accused of being quite racist. When I shared it with the NASCAR social media community, the comments I got time and time again were that they thought those offended by Larson's use of the N-word were being too soft and overly sensitive, but then expressed their anger that I would drag Trump into the conversation. Boy were they offended. They had their limit. I found it.

I like to think of myself as pretty easy going about things and that I can take a joke. But, you know what? I can't lie. I do get offended by stuff. Absolutely. As a white dude, I bristle at "Aren't white men awful?" jokes or just white guy bashing as as a whole (again, I wrote about it here: Please Stop White Male Bashing) Am I a snowflake? Yup, it appears that I am. Why? Because I'm human, and we all have things that push our buttons. And, that's fine, really. And, people can easily see that snowflakery in others, but too often don't see it in themselves. No one is immune from this. Accept it. We are all offended by something, darn it.


Chris Hearn

I'm a 47 year old writer, amateur photographer and amateur dad living in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

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