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Even More About Fake Sugar Daddies

by Lena Bailey about a year ago in advice

There's more.

Even More About Fake Sugar Daddies

This may be a series on my page about just the bullshit these guys will say and how they will try to fool you. I have done three posts about fake daddies already but they keep coming up with new things to try to fool women.

I've mentioned this before but it's worth mentioning again. You should not buy gift cards for a daddy. When you buy it, he will be able to use it online if he knows the code or number. That's the only reason he would want you to buy a gift card—lame I know.

There's also the daddy that promises the world but won't tell you what he wants or expects from you. I had one daddy that told me that he would give me all this stuff, including $10,000 a month and a house, among other stuff, but wouldn't tell me what he expected from a sugar baby. This is suspicious because every guy wants and expects something from a woman and that goes even more so for a sugar daddy. If it's a sugar mama, the same goes for them too.

There's one thing that comes up a lot is some kind of financial manager or advisor. If he says something like he can't use PayPal because his financial advisor won't let him, he's fake. There are some things that a financial advisor should advise against but PayPal is safe. So be wary of a daddy whose advisors tell him something that seems logical or safe. Financial advisors tell people to invest in some stuff and not do certain things.

If a sugar daddy wants to meet soon after you start texting that means he doesn't want to waste time on endless texting. Some sugar babies may think that because they haven't discussed the arrangement or agreed to an arrangement yet that they shouldn't meet up and while yes, you should talk about what is expected of you, you don't have to agree to anything before you meet. I explained it this way to a Sugar baby once—to a sugar daddy a sugar baby is like a nice car. Now why would an older guy pay for a car he hasn't seen in person? I'm not suggesting sleeping with a guy on the first date or letting him test drive you sexually.

Some girls turn down old school relationships like moving in with or marrying a sugar daddy because that doesn't sound like sugar to them. Sugar may not lead to a long term old school relationship but that doesn't mean he's not a sugar daddy if he's looking for that. Sugar is where people have a dating type relationship where the sugar daddy or mama pays for the sugar baby's time. A sugar baby could also be used for a special event date. New school sugar babies use sugar as a way to be a cam girl.

The sexual test drive daddy is one I mentioned in my first post but it's worth digging into more. Your body is not for sale. This kind of daddy just wants sex. Sex and sexual acts can be involved in sugar but it shouldn't be what you have to do to get paid. Sex or sex acts also shouldn't be the only thing you do for him.

Sugar babies need to pay attention to how potential sugar daddies or a current sugar daddies say things. For example if he asks how much you “charge” or “how much for the night,” it may imply one of two things: either he doesn't know how sugar works or he assumes sugar babies are legal prostitutes and escorts. Sugar isn't a legal way to be a prostitute or escort. Even if those were legal, sugar is different. If he says anything similar to "how much do you charge?" or "how much for the night?" correct them and keep it moving.

If you do find a fake daddy, please report him to the apps and sites. They need to be taken off the sites and apps. I hope these posts have helped.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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