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by Rebecca Lynn Ivey about a month ago in fact or fiction

Carry a torch for my soul

My existence on this Earth has become but a daydream. I desperately try to stop thinking about you, but I achingly fail each time. It's absurd really, for how can I forget that which gives me life? You are as the essential air that I breathe, so tectonic, and so very necessary.

I wish to be everything that brings a smile to your face and happiness to your heart, yet I shakingly grasp the verity that this desire will never befall upon me.

Perhaps in another world, my love for you would be deserving, as for now I am but an imperfect echo within your magnificent shadow. I am so lost and forgotten within this reverence and passion, I fear that I will never find myself again. A dissolution and fate that I so euphorically welcome.

I dream of us, sweet, beautiful, lucid dreams. My sole desire above all others is to be with my beloved forever. Our own sanctuary where life’s immoral winds and storms can't consume the love we have for each other. We are like birds with the same wings. We will soar together for always. As days never end, our love shall not cease to exist. I will be king and you will be queen. Together, we will rule our unconquerable empire eternally.

I dream of a world where you and I would live for a thousand years. A reliquary where I indulge in my love and admiration for you. An oasis of obsession where you take my hand and lead me beyond to the hereafter within the elysian fields of paradise. As eternity is forever, so do I want to be with you.

Yet this is unreality, a vision of vaingloriousness. So I shall dream forever never to open my eyes to the agonizing truth. Our promise remains unfulfilled. The sadness that continues to fall changes to pure white snow. I keep looking to the sky. If now my wish reaches you before my body vanishes hold me tightly once more. Even if I disappear with this white snow I wish to bloom in your heart forever.

I walk around aimlessly misplaced, wandering, my faint breath just showing white in the dead air. The meaninglessness of the seasons going by so rapidly bring on the tears, for no reason.

"I still love you..."

Conciliate and never forget the warm sentiment, of when we were nestled close, holding one another. Even when you're furtively loving someone else. I'll never let go of your vague, trembling voice as I heard it the last time. I want to fall into a deep sleep. Allow me to dream forever only of us as we once were.

The scars of the brimming sadness can't be erased. With a quivering finger, I trace the red tear. The transient memories degrade into darkness, like a cold stream flowing silently without any sense of direction.

Your beauty and sublimity are painted upon everything that surrounds me. I see your smile in the warm morning sunshine. Your eyes are watching down upon me as the incandescent stars at night. I smell your sweet, delicate perfume within the honeysuckle-scented breeze that caresses my face. You are everywhere yet nowhere at all.

You are but a specter of torment that haunts my every heartbeat. A familiar of sorrow that chases my daunted dreams. My forbidden love clutches my very heart in her talons. I beg of you, induce my eternal rest as I can live in your divine memory of savoring love and affection without misery and affliction for boundless infinity.

Darling, allow me to claim your benevolence and mercy. Anoint me just once more with your love and obsession. Carry a torch for my soul as I drift into slumber and evacuate this world for one which you still love me. The resplendent promised land of our eternal love.

fact or fiction
Rebecca Lynn Ivey
Rebecca Lynn Ivey
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Rebecca Lynn Ivey

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