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by Marcus Carter about a year ago in literature
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Prelude: The Hidden Truth

Prelude: The Hidden Truth

A game show is being aired on live television, and a young, blond-haired woman named Abby Beeks-Lewis, is sitting on a chair on the stage in front of the host, Mark Walton.

Mark Walton - Let’s go over how this game works. There are 6 levels of questions. The further you go, the harder the questions will get, but the more money you can win. You know you can quit at any time and take the money, but once you hear a question, you have to answer that question. If you get caught lying at any time, you lose everything, and the game is over.

Abby- (nervously) Oh, boy.

Mark- You’re not only here telling the truth tonight in front of America, but you’re also here telling the truth in front of your family and friends. Let’s take a moment to see who we have here tonight to hear you tell the truth.

The lights finally beam on Michael Lewis, Melanie Beeks, Lawrence Beeks, Shelly Beeks, Becky Kingsley, and Jamie Kingsley.

Michael Lewis - (smiles) Michael, Abby’s husband.

Melanie Beeks - (smiles) Melanie, Abby’s mom.

Lawrence Beeks - Lawrence, Abby’s father.

Shelly Beeks - Shelly, Abby’s older sister.

Becky Kingsley - Becky, Abby’s friend.

Jamie Kingsley - (smiles) Jamie, Abby’s friend.

The audience applauds.

Mark - Welcome, all six of you. Only 21 questions to $500,000, but the road through those questions can get very personal. (to the guests) Are you ready for this?

Melanie - (smiles) We’re ready.

Lawrence - Ready.

Mark - (to Abby) Are you ready?

Abby - (smiles) Let’s do it.

Mark - Let’s get to it!

The audience applauds.

Mark - (reading the card) Question number one. As a child, have you stolen Shelly’s money out of her sock drawer to buy yourself some ice cream from the ice cream truck?

The audience laughs. Melanie, Lawrence, and Shelly all laugh. Abby laughs, shakes her head, and looks straight at Shelly.

Abby - (smiles at Shelly) No.

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

The audience applauds. Abby’s family applaus. Michael applauds.

Abby - (smiles at Shelly) See? I told you I never took it!

Moments later (montage)

Mark - Question 2. Do you think you’re better looking than your friends?

The audience exclaims in shock.

Both Becky and Jamie stare at Abby, smiling in shock.

Abby - (grins) Becky, Jamie, I love you both, and you’re both beautiful, but my answer is yes.

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

The audience applauds. Becky and Jamie are applauding.

Becky - (smiles at Abby) Okay, we’ll let that slide.

Mark - Oh, believe me. You might want to brace yourself as this game continues.

Moments later (montage)

Mark - This question is for $10,000. Question 6. Throughout your marriage, have you had fantasies of men other than your husband Michael?

The audience exclaims in shock. Michael is now anxiously waiting for the answer.

Mark - Michael, what do you think?

Michael - I’m hoping no.

Mark - Abby, throughout your marriage, have you had fantasies of men other than your husband Michael?

Abby- (smiles awkwardly) Oh, boy… I’m not gonna lie. Yes, I have.

The audience exclaims in shock to Abby’s answer. Michael is now saddened. Melanie is stunned. Jamie sees the sadness on Michael’s face.

Automated Voice - The answer is…

Michael nervously awaits the result from the question.

Automated Voice - … True.

The audience applauds as Abby truthfully answers the sixth question to win $10,000. Abby celebrates the small victory. Abby’s family applauds. Becky applauds awkwardly. Jamie half-heartedly applauds.

Mark - Well, congratulations, Abby. You just won $10,000.

Michael, saddened by her answer, is not applauding.

Moments later (montage)

Mark - Question 8. Have you secretly wanted to make out with one of your friends?

The audience exclaims loudly, and some people start whistling. Becky and Jamie are now mortified. Abby laughs. Melanie is disgusted, and Lawrence is disappointed. Michael is now devastated.

Abby - (smiles) Well, every woman goes through a period in her life where she wants to experiment a little, so yes. The answer is yes.

Becky - (smiles awkwardly) Not this woman.

Jamie - Same here.

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

The audience applauds. Abby applauds.

Moments later (montage)

Mark - Question 10. Have you ever sent nude photos over the phone to anyone other than Michael?

The audience exclaims even louder. Abby is now smiling awkwardly. Michael lowers his head in disgust.

Mark - If you don’t want to hear the answer, the button is still in play.

Shelly - We want to hear it. (to Michael) Don’t you dare press that button!

Michael - I really don’t want to know.

Abby - (smiles awkwardly) Yes, I have.

The audience exclaims loudly again.

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

The audience applauds. Michael is now devastated.

Moments later (montage)

Mark - This question is worth $25,000. Question 11. Have you ever taken off your ring as if to tell others that you are single?

The audience exclaims loudly. Everyone on the couch, except Michael, looks at Abby in shock. Michael is shaking his head in disgust.

Abby - (smiles awkwardly) Yes, I have.

The audience exclaims loudly. Michael is looking away from Abby. Jamie is now genuinely concerned for Michael.

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

Abby pumps her fist as she’s excited to win $25,000. The audience cheers her small victory. Her family applauds. Michael and Jamie are the only two not applauding.

Moments later (montage)

Mark - Question 12. Since your marriage, have you had sexual relations with any man other than Michael?

The audience exclaims even louder, and for a longer period of time. Michael is completely devastated. Both Shelly and Becky are mortified. Abby is no longer smiling, and now nervously sitting, legs shaking on her stool.

Abby - (lowers her head) Yes. The answer is yes.

The audience groans with disappointment.

Michael - (to Abby) What have I ever done to you?

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

A silent applause now fills the room. Melanie shakes her head in disgust. Michael is now heartbroken, and unable to register any emotion.

Jamie- Michael. Michael, are you okay?

Becky- Michael, dude… you okay?

Mark - Michael, anything you want to say?

Michael doesn’t respond.

Moments later (montage)

Mark - Question 14. Were you in love with an ex-boyfriend throughout your marriage?

The audience groans again.

Melanie - (disappointed) Abby…

Shelly - Wow…

Abby - Yes.

Becky - Whoa…

The audience lets out another loud groan. Mark is now uncomfortable as he loosens his tie.

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

The audience applauds silently.

Abby - Wow, it’s getting hot in here now.

Mark - Well, it may get even hotter with this next question. I’m gonna be honest. I don’t even want to read this one.

Abby- Let’s just do it.

Mark- Well, I’m not going to read it.

Abby - Why? I want the money.

Mark - Your surprise guest will. Let’s bring him out.

Abby’s now in shock as she sees a tall, handsome, blonde haired man walk through the doors, and onto the stage. Melanie and Lawrence are both stunned. Becky and Jamie are now shaking their heads in disbelief. Todd flashes his bright blue eyes at Abby, grinning at her.

Abby - (shocked) Oh, my God…

Mark - I’m sure you remember this guy, your ex-boyfriend, Todd Smith.

Todd- (grins at Abby) Hello, Abby.

Abby smiles at Todd. Michael is still completely heartbroken.

Mark - (uncomfortable) Well, let’s continue. This question is for $100,000. Question 15.

Todd - Would you leave Michael to be with me?

Abby flashes an awkward smile towards Todd, and then towards Michael, and then back at Todd.

A gong sounds.

Shelly is seen pressing the red button, and she stands up, glaring at Todd.

Shelly- I don’t think anyone wants to hear the answer to that one!

Becky is applauding Shelly. The audience applauds.

Becky- Good call, Shelly! Abby, what are you even thinking anyway??

Mark- Well, that question is eliminated, so Todd, you can read the next question.

Todd flips cards, and he reads the next question silently before smirking at Abby.

Todd - Do you think I’m the man you should be married to?

The audience groans again.

Abby - (to Todd, with smitten eyes) Yes.

Becky and Jamie are both disgusted. Shelly is completely stunned.

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

Abby starts crying tears of joy as she wins $100,000 with that question. The audience is half-heartedly applauding. Todd smiles back at Abby before leaving the stage.

Mark - Congratulations, Abby. You win $100,000. Now, if you’d like, and I really hope you do, by the way, you can stop right now and take the money, or--

Abby - (interrupts) I want to keep playing.

Shelly - Screw this crap, Abby! Just take the damn money and walk!

The audience applauds Shelly’s response.

Becky - I’m with Shelly. Abby, you’ve already put Michael through enough! Don’t you even care?!

Jamie - Yes, Abby. Please. Look at him. He’s heartbroken.

Abby takes a look at Michael, who is completely heartbroken. Abby then redirects her attention to Mark.

Abby - Let’s go. I’m going for it.

Mark - Abby… think about it for a moment.

Abby- Look, Mark. I want to keep playing.

Mark - Abby…

Abby- Mark, I’m not done.

Mark - Abby…

Abby - What??

Oohs from the audience.

Mark - If you get just one question wrong, you lose everything. Do you really want to risk that? I mean, that’s $100,000 you’ve just won. How long would it take you to make that outside of this game?

Abby - Listen, I really don’t care for your lectures right now. You just host the game, and I’ll do the rest.

Melanie - Abby! You calm down right now!

The audience cheers Melanie’s reaction.

Abby - Or what? You gonna ground me? Put me in a timeout? Spank me?

Lawrence- Abby!!

Becky - She’d probably like that.

The audience laughs.

Abby - Shut up, Becky!

Mark - Let’s move on. Please?

Mark adjusts his tie again.

Mark - Question 16. Have you had sex with your ex-boyfriend, Todd, throughout your marriage?

The audience groans again.

Abby - Really?? Come on!

Mark - Abby, you knew the questions before this.

Abby- Fine. Yes. Yes, I had sex with him!

The audience groans loudly. Both Melanie and Lawrence shake their heads in disgust.

Shelly - Geez, Abby. What the hell is wrong with you?

Automated Voice - The answer is… True.

The fans groan softly. Both Abby’s parents continue looking on in disappointment. Abby is wiping tears from her eyes.

Shelly - Why are you crying? You did it. We told you to leave that man alone, and what did you do? You just wrecked your marriage with a good man. Was it worth it?

Abby- Look, Shelly! If you love the man so much, how come you didn’t marry him?!

Loud exclaims from the audience.

Mark - Moving on. Question 17. Do you still love your husband Michael?

Abby stares at Michael, who is now being consoled by Melanie. Abby now starts to feel remorse for how she has publicly humiliated Michael, and tears start falling from her face. She lowers her head with regret.

Shelly - I think we all know the answer now.

Mark - I’ll repeat the question. Do you still love your husband Michael?

Abby- Yes. The answer is yes. I still love him.

The audience is silent.

Automated Voice - The answer is… False.

The audience groans with great disappointment. The lights turn red, and Abby is now completely stunned, and she starts breaking down in tears.

Mark - Oh, I’m so sorry, Abby. You were caught in a lie, and you lose everything.

Michael abruptly walks off the stage. Jamie gets up, and she follows him.

Jamie - (following Michael) Michael, wait up! Michael!

Sadness fills the room as Abby continues crying. Melanie and Lawrence walk over to Abby to console her. Becky and Shelly both leave the stage in disgust.

End of Scene


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Marcus Carter

I am an aspiring screenwriter, a marathoner, and a blogger. I love to write screenplays in my spare time, and I thought I'd share some of my work on here. Please feel free to check them out as I post, and let me know what you think.

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