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Don't underestimate a busy and beautiful woman

Confident and independent.

By Gang Du AIPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

"Busy and beautiful" is a kind of independent spirit, is a kind of internal and external cultivation, even if the daily work is very tired, but also to live beautifully, this beauty, not for others, but for themselves.

There is a kind of heroism in the world, that is, after recognizing the perfection of life, still love beauty.

Beauty is not only expressed in a beautiful exterior and a beautiful inner soul, but also in the courage to declare war on an imperfect life.

Not what God has given you, you are what you look like, but by yourself to choose what you want to become.


In this era of women, and busy and beautiful women are few and far between, basically busy more, can not care about the image, to be precise is busy and sloppy.

Of course, I can not escape, now less skin care, in addition to washing your face with a cleanser or a mask, not how to dress up at home.

If you want to talk about dressing up, you can only go to work when you dress up beautiful. It is time to reflect on yourself, usually after doing housework, immediately into the writing state, the whole day can sit at the desk, is my writing routine.

It's not too busy to say that I'm also busy, I take some time to read every day, accumulate writing routine, and insist on writing an article every day.

So you can't talk about a busy and beautiful girl, you are always learning ......


I have a busy and beautiful woman around me, she is my cousin. She loves cleanliness, especially hygiene, go to her home, the room is neat and tidy, look very comfortable, I especially appreciate her.

She finally got married this year at the age of 36, her family and relatives used to worry that she couldn't get married.

Usually rarely come home, before she married, she achieved financial independence, but also to achieve their own house.

She pays a lot of attention to dressing up, and one time when I saw her, she was particularly beautiful. The husband she married treated her very well and they had a little boy this year, very cute.

Although her cousin married late, but not without her own efforts to meet a person who treats her very well. She is also quite lucky to have finally met a good man. To be honest, I really appreciate her strength to not give in.


A girl's personality is independent, she wants to have her own small business, she wants to achieve financial independence and live the life she wants freely.

I now want to learn from her, make a good effort to achieve economic independence, step by step footprints to start, improve their ability to earn money, the ability to support themselves, is the life I aspire to.

A girl who loves to be busy and loves beauty, she must have high demands on herself and is proactive in her work, and is content and motivated, sober and determined.


Now the woman is really bold, once in love, it is no principle for themselves.

If you meet a good man okay, if you meet a scum, you are harming yourself.

Personality is not independent, and even economic independence is not independent, unmarried pregnant, think that the birth of a child can have economic independence, have this idea of birth, and in the end suffer themselves.

So girls must be independent first, and then slowly achieve economic independence, to have their own judgment, do not be influenced by the outside world, firmly do their own, the right to choose in their own hands.


I especially like the busy and beautiful and sober women, their personality independent, not dependent on anyone, rely on their own efforts to live the life they want.

Instead of relying on a person, put hope in that person, humble to look at the face of others for life, that is too bottomless right!

I appreciate the busy and beautiful women, in their bodies, I see the value of a woman, they never worry about the family chores

They have a bottom in the family, because they have a small business, they never work for the family, to maintain a balance of life.

Because everyone is an independent individual with their own tasks to do, including children are also, children are also an independent individual, so everyone has their own mission.

A busy and beautiful life is a balance of work and health, and each of us women run our own lives well.

A busy and beautiful life, is a balance of busy and leisure, is the ability of each of us women should learn.

A busy and beautiful woman, confident and independent.

A busy and beautiful woman, firm and sober.

A busy and beautiful woman, contented and progressive.

A busy and beautiful woman, gentle and calm.

May you and I be a busy and beautiful woman, focus on self-growth, achieve financial independence, live the way you like.


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