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Don't Be a Hobby!

This is for the babes that are in a relationship but are not satisfied.

By Jennis VicentePublished 4 years ago 2 min read
Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, California 

For the ones that are unhappy, that feel unattended, not loved.

For the ones that like a guy, and try to put his needs above yours... without getting equal time, availability, or treatment.

I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are his hobby.

According to the dictionary, a hobby is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

If you get limited attention, or everything is on his free time, you are a hobby.


If a guy needs something to do on his free time, he could take up Gardening, not you!

Know your worth.

If there is no compromise or sacrifice on his part, why would you stay there?

There is a misconception on how to achieve happiness, and it's often attributed to finding that special person.

Happiness is not solely dependent on other people. You have to first and foremost be happy with yourself. People come into your life with a purpose, not exactly to make you happy.

That's on you.

You have the power to control your own happiness. If you are feeling sad, you should address it. Sometimes the solution causes pain, and you take time to heal, but at the end it is all worth it.

From experience, I can say you can't control who you like, or who you love. You can't control how people act towards you, and you can't definitely make them change. What you can do is decide if they add happiness to your life, after you give them a chance.

You have to be aware of their actions with or without you around. Observation is key. Also, think about how you feel when they are not around you. Do you feel sad?

If you do, there's something missing.

People often focus too much on the good times even when the bad times are red flags.


Walk away.

You are missing out on meeting more great people.

I've learned that the fact that you love someone doesn't necessarily mean you have to be together. Sometimes, is better if you are not.

If is hard to not take them back, think of the days you were sad. Or when anything else in the world was more important that spending time with you. Remembering how bad it hurts will deter you from getting caught again.


Love is the engine that moves the world. But in order to find love, you have to be willing to get hurt [heard this from Rashaad James].


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