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Do You Know The Benefits Of Hugging?

by Roy's Corner 7 days ago in humanity

It is beneficial for your mental & physical health.

Do You Know The Benefits Of Hugging?
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Many of us know that hugging has lots of health benefits. But in case you haven’t really read or taken the time to get to know your inner self as well as you need to do to understand why hugging is vital for us, read on.

Below is a list of the health benefits of hugging that you must embrace.

There are all sorts of health benefits of hugging you can get. These include emotional, physical, mental and spiritual benefits. You can get a few of these benefits while hugging others or you can get all of these benefits while hugging yourself.

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Hugging is a Source of Physical and Emotional Fitness

What better way to stay fit than to engage in regular activities that helps you keep fit and increase your fitness? Taking some time and engaging in acts that you enjoy such as hugging is a great way to stay physically and emotionally fit.

Studies have also found that people who hug frequently have stronger immune systems, a smaller risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure levels. Another study found that men who hugged more often had less body fat and less signs of cardiovascular disease.

This physical exercise also helps in protecting against cancer by reducing the number of hormone-related tumors. It also reduces the risks of cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.

Caring and Support Helps Others

No matter how much we like to think that we are above caring about others, studies have shown that just as other people need help and support, so do we. This is why our social supports and self-care is very important.

Research has also found that those who care for others can get help by giving them support and care. It has also been found that when people get help and support, they also tend to show a healthier attitude towards their relationships with others.

However, it should be remembered that while we may be the beneficiaries of our support, others may not.

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It Is Good to Express Emotions and Feelings

Studies have found that people who are expressive and able to express emotions and feelings live longer and are healthier. They also tend to be happier.

This research found that the more emotions we express and the more we feel, the happier we tend to be. This is why expressing emotions like love, anger, happiness, fear and sorrow helps us live longer and help us live a happier life.

As a person who hugs frequently, one can express and feel more joy than the person who hugs less frequently.

This allows us to be open, honest and real in sharing what’s on our minds and hearts. However, like all good things, this does come with a price and this comes from spending less time with others in our real life.

It Can Lower Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure is something that we all need to be aware of as it can cause things like stroke, heart disease and kidney failure.

Studies have found that those who are more touch-oriented in their lives tend to have better blood pressure.

They are also found to be more sensitive and have higher levels of empathy. This makes them better partners and colleagues in business and other relationships as they tend to respond faster and be more responsive to others.

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It Can Improve Mental Health

Emotions are very complex things. They can be high and low or they can be strange and yet they can also be dull.

While we are not robots, they are not as simple as we tend to make them. They are even complicated, as they can be linked to hormones, hormones oxytocin, endorphin & serotonin that can play a big role in people’s happiness and productivity.

We need to be aware that emotions are linked to the brain. Emotions are very complex things and while we think that they are real and valid, they are only thoughts.

While we cannot control what we think, we can certainly control what we do. Even when we are not thinking or feeling any emotion, we can still feel it.

Like everything else, our emotions have a purpose and as long as we don’t take it out on someone else, it can help us live happier and healthier lives.

By Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

It Can Be Helpful in Becoming More Social

Many people today live in an introverted environment. We have become very engrossed with technology and other things.

It has become a problematic way of living because people are not as open and willing to share their feelings and needs.

However, studies have found that people who are more touch-oriented and who allow themselves to express themselves tend to live longer and have more fulfilling lives.

This is because people who are social tend to be more open and communicate their emotions and needs.

It can be a good thing to spend more time with others. In the long run, this will allow us to share our feelings and needs and help us become more social.

While spending time with people is one thing, sharing our feelings with others is quite another.

This is why it is so important to learn how to express our emotions and share our feelings. It is very helpful in becoming more social and finding more intimate partners.

Having an emotional outlet can be a huge help for those who don’t have an intimate partner and it also helps those who have intimate partners by sharing our emotions and finding support.

Hugs can reduce interpersonal violence

According to researchers at the University of Virginia, a hug between two male friends who have known each other for a long time significantly reduces the likelihood of them engaging in verbal or physical aggression.

By Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash

A hug can create trust and support

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 60 percent of interpersonal violence happens between two people who don't know each other. Hugging can create trust and create an environment of support between you and another person.

Research suggests that hugging can improve your quality of sleep and overall mood.

Researchers from the University of Central Lancashire have shown that hugs can help to improve your sleep quality and overall mood.

Having a partner who is willing to hug you can boost your own mental health and can increase your sense of wellbeing.


When you see a friend suffering from physical pain, sadness, stress, or anxiety, make sure to hug them. This simple act of kindness and compassion will make a huge difference. Hugging not only shows your friend that you care, but it can also improve their overall health.

What is your favorite health benefits of hugging?

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