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Real event that happened to me

By elli poitrasPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Here's just a little bit of back story to what led up to the event..

I had just started dating an ex that I had sworn to never see again. We had dated eight years ago during middle school and it just didn’t work out. The three month relationship had been cute but also intense. It brought me the biggest heart break I ever went through. From the constant lying to the cheating, he had thrown me the wolves. But I couldn't deny that we shared a powerful connection that I had never experienced before. It was an inexplainable feeling of attraction. Our relationship was constantly back and forth throughout high-school. It brought me so much confusion and pain, I didn't know what to do with myself. I'd run the other way only to find myself looking for him wherever I went. He pulled at my heart strings by just being around me. While in the same room, he was the only thing I'd be able to focus on. As much as I wanted to let him go, my heart wouldn’t let me and it pulled me right back to him every time I tried to turn away. He ended up dating other people after our short relationship but I was never able to shake him. He stuck like a coffee stain on an old favorite sweatshirt; no matter what you tried, the stain always remained. It’s hard for me to explain the years of heartache and intense emotions I experienced as a young teenager. But hopefully you get a little of what I’m trying to say.

Eight years later, here we were laying in bed together. Forgiveness and compassion had brought us two souls back together. It wasn’t easy but it felt necessary, like our paths kept crossing for a reason. Some might call it fate, but here we were, together once again. We both had grown so much from our younger years and matured immensely. But getting back together again was like we had never left each other’s side. We seemed to pick up any old conversation back from where we left off. He had messaged me a year previously to apologize for what he did when he was young. At the time, I was extremely insulted that he chose to do this the moment I moved out of town. But regardless he had said his peace and I was far from forgiveness. In fact, I was shocked that the words ever came out of his mouth. I guess he did have a conscience after all. Now a year after that, it was my turn to come around. I had moved back home and kept having dreams about him. It was like universe kept trying to tell me to make amends. Which, with a lot courage I finally did. I sent him a message and apologized for everything I had done. It didn't matter if he answered, but I was ready to finally put him behind me. Surprisingly he got back to me and over a few weeks, we rekindle the fire. The first time I saw him again was insane. Seeing the man from my dreams took my breath away. That same person from long ago stood across from me, but the longer I stared, the more I started to notice the differences. His brown hair was shorter, and he was bigger than in high-school; the young boy had grown into a man. The pointed nose and dark eyebrows were still the same, meanwhile his face had grown into its shape. Dark stubble lined his jaw and his kind eyes remained the same. Nothing had changed but so much had changed. We couldn't get enough of each other's company and he eventually asked me out.

6 months later...

We had gone to bed early after working all day, the darkness consuming us. We normally talked for a good half hour before eventually falling asleep. After discussing how our days went, slumber seemed to pull at our thoughts. I lay there tossing and turning in bed as heat started to settle in the room. Normally we would keep the window open but I had closed it in the morning to avoid letting the rain in. I kept debating with myself whether I should get out of bed and open the window. But I didn’t want to move from my comfortable spot in the bed. I kept up this mental battle of wanting to open the window to being to lazy for about five minutes. "Should I open the window?" "nah, I'm too comfortable." "But it's so warm, you'll end up waking up in the night having to open it." "But I don't want to get up from my spot" "I also don't want to disturb him as I get up off the bed" So here I was, having full on conversations with myself in my own head when...

All of a sudden I heard : “Just open the dam window!” I looked at my partner and was shocked by what just came out of his mouth. Let me clarify that we hadn’t been talking for about 15 minutes now. The conversation we previously had also had nothing to do with the window or sleeping arrangements. I was baffled. Did this man just read MY MIND? Nothing was coming out as I turned and stared at him. I didn't know what to do or say. I eventually got up and opened the window, making my way across where he lay. He had always told me how he had premonitions when he was younger and I use to doubt him but this I couldn't ignore, he had just read my mind. There is no logical explanation for that night and what happened. What we believe as real and true is so far from reality. If you can't see something, it doesn't mean it isn't real. My partner continuously takes my breath away and always will. And sometimes it's in the most unexpected ways.


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elli poitras

My name is Elli and I am hopeless romantic. I'm a psychic fortune teller by day and a dreamer by night. I hope to share my love for romance and interesting topics with all you beautiful souls. enjoy *

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