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Did You Ever Dream Of being Abandoned? THIS is What it Means...

by Amargeaux Rai 6 months ago in advice

Dream Interpretation : Abandonment

Did You Ever Dream Of being Abandoned? THIS is What it Means...
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I hope that this never happened to you in real life, but there are times that all of us feel like we're not only actually abandoned, but emotionally and mentally abandoned as well. Unfortunately, this is something that we all have to face to some degree.

Abandonment doesn't have to altogether be a bad thing; sometimes it just may look like you're being abandoned, when in all actuality you may have just been a little more dependent on the person or thing that left, which means that the universe is giving you a nudge in a new direction for your own good...

And sometimes a consistent "nudge"-- meaning a repetitive one-- is actually a sign... that you didn't catch in your dreams.

As I will mention throughout this series, everything in the universe speaks in signs and omens; it's a language all its own. And I am sharing not only the meaning of being abandoned in your dream, but also how these dream interpretations relate and can be used in you waking life.

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Now, this kind dream is interpreted depending on the aspect of it, specifically whether it be that you're the one getting abandoned or doing the abandoning.

Oh, and whether what you abandoned was something good or bad.

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They've Abandoned You

If you've dreamt that you've been abandoned, it can mean that you'll have trouble planning for the future, specifically when it comes to future success, if you aren't already having trouble and just haven't noticed (that does happen, believe it or not).

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You're Abandoning Them

If you abandoned others in your dream, it can mean that the condition of your life has piled up around you, and you struggle with overcoming it all, and it's making you unhappy.

Although I will say, If you've abandoned something that you knew in your dream you didn't like in the first place-- something just distasteful in nature, if you will-- then you may hear some good financial news! But if you abandon someone close to you, it may be a warning about that person, so keep your eye out!

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Witnessing abandonment

There's also if you're just a third person watching the abandonment taking place, and that's another story. If you're witnessing an abandonment of any kind to someone else, it actually means you'll hear some news that'll be important to you.

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Interpreting Real Life

Abandonment in general is a sign of you letting go of the things that are not serving you.

When something is wrong and you go to a healer, especially a holistic healer, the first thing that has to happen is to find what's CAUSING the problem and getting rid of it, THEN ADDING new elements and methods of healing to remedy what was LEFT BEHIND.

Understand that everything has a positive meaning because all creation and healing comes from a positive place.

All of life runs healthily on ebb and flow, give and take. Too much ebb and you'll have a desert, too much flow and you'll have a flood. To balance is necessary, and the sign of something leaving or abandoning you is just a sign that there is something in your life that is not serving you that is now leaving, or at least should be.

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I also want to point out that interpreting waking like is a little different than interpreting your dream life; the very first time you see something happen to you is not a sign, not really even the second, though you should keep an eye out.

If you see something OF THE SAME SUBJECT happen to you three times or more (it'll stop once you pay attention to it), THEN take note! The Universe is NOW working to get your attention.

This is important. I know there are some of us who are very eager to know they're getting what they want or whatever, but be patient. Make sure it's a sign before you take it in as one.

After that, interpret the signs-- if it's not obvious to you.


I hope this was helpful. This is the first of MANY interpretations. Feel free to follow my profile for more like this!

Thanks For Reading! ~AR


Amargeaux Rai

I am a freelance writer, blogger, poet and artist who studies Holistic medicine, palmistry, herbalism, and astrology. I also love interpreting dreams, eating chocolate and giving hugs.

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Amargeaux Rai
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