Diary of a Working Housewife

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Why Women end relationships.

Diary of a Working Housewife

Sunday September 29th, 2019 12 PM:

Why do women end relationships? A simple answer sums it all up... because they were unhappy. Being a woman myself, I can assure you that the last thing we want to do is start over! We will fight for a relationship/marriage for as long as our sanity allows us. But sometimes there are many reason this fight is fruitless.

After years of listening to both men and women (friends) talk about their happiness and unhappiness in their relationship... I can tell you this... women end relationships, because they felt that there was nothing else they could do to make it work.

This is what I have gathered after many years of being a shoulder to cry on and from my own experience;

It starts with feeling disrespected. That pair of socks that you left on the floor in the living room or corner of your room after she cleaned your home... yea those... she sees it as a lack of respect for the effort she puts into maintaining a home. Whether she's a stay-at-home mom, or she works just like you do, everyday chores should be a couples' responsibility. It's called teamwork! And if she carries most of the household chores, the least you can do is pick up after yourself and show her some respect!

Lack of emotional availability. Is she talking to you and you are scrolling through Facebook? Well there you go. That action shows her that you really don't care what she has to say to you. You wouldn't do this if you were trying to get a second date from a girl you really like, so DON'T do it to the woman you want to stick around for the rest of your life!

Financial struggles. Now let's not call her a gold digger just yet... but let's be realistic. If your woman is carrying most of the financial burden due to your reckless spending then this is a BIG PROBLEM! Many women find themselves putting in more to support a household, because their man "needed" that $300 pair of sneakers. Just remember, she can do bad all by herself.

Nagging. Yes men nag! Guys, if you find yourself telling her she no longer looks like the girl you fell in love with due to her messy hair and exhausted look, maybe you should ask yourself what could you do to take a load off?! Maybe you can help with the children more (without losing your cool). Many women end up taking more of the responsibility of the kids care because their man "Has no patience for the kids," Or "Gets distracted and doesn't watch over the toddler who likes to climb things." Help out around the house! Wonder why she's never in the "mood"? Grab the vacuum and watch her eyes light up! Nagging will only push her further away from you. We will shut down if we feel we are being attacked!

Paternal behavior. Now this is very important! The way you act with your children or her children, the love you give them, the way you discipline, etc. This is a very big thing to most women. If you are emotionally unavailable to your kids, you are not a hands-on-dad, or you just lose your cool very easily... this is something women will leave a relationship for in a heartbeat. There is nothing sexier than a man who loves his children and knows how to interact with them (even when they are on their worst behavior). Being a parent is a difficult job, so work with her to make it easier.

Sexual Chemistry. Yup... I'm going there. If the spark is gone, your woman just might go with it. As women we need to feel wanted by our man. If you find yourself too busy to start up that motor, then be ready to call a tow truck! The occasional romantic dinner helps, but remember that it does not always have to be all wine and roses. There's a reason why so many women read and went to see 50 Shades of Grey!

Friendship. Can she talk to you like a friend? Ask yourself, when was the last time she confided in you? Have you had a good laugh together lately? If your woman no longer attempts to discuss her day with you, or even tell you a juicy secret she just heard, she may not feel the friendship is there anymore. This kind of disconnect leads many women to call it quits. When you ask most elderly couples, "What is your secret to staying together?" their answer usually is, "He/She is my best friend."

Abuse. Emotional or Physical abuse will lead to any woman walking out of any relationship. Whether with words or fists, if you are abusing your woman, she will leave You! Men, there is no reason or excuse for you to do this, so get help if you need it! For the sake of both of you!

I want to make it clear that I am no relationship expert. What I write today is a collection of experiences from both myself and my girlfriends who have left relationships due to these circumstances, maybe from one or all, but the fact is that women don't want to leave to start over! If I can get one guy to actually read this and say wait a minute... maybe that is why my woman has been in such a mood. Maybe I can do this a little more and that a lot less. Just maybe one relationship can improve, and a family can survive together in this cruel, crazy, world.

The grass is not always greener on the other side, that is a proven fact. But let's water our lawns. Treat the people you love how you want to be treated. Life will be a lot sweeter that way!

May the Goddess bless you all and surround you with her divine white light.


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Azaris Morales
Azaris Morales
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