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Musings on Love

By TestPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 3 min read
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Love. It is everything one could ever want, and the worst thing that could happen to a person. It's the stuff of romance novels and heroes and heroines finding themselves in fantasies of the heart, and it is the motivation of obsessive stalkers who kill celebrities who won't marry them as they see fit. Love is sacred for many, but it causes humans to commit unspeakable evils.

In the movies, love always wins.

In real life, love isn't so simple. The two people don't always get together after a fight, and one doesn't always love the other, though that would be convenient.

In real life, people lie about their motivations and pretend to be romantics, even when they are only passing ships in the night, and we forget ourselves after drinking far too much alcohol.

People have even been known to put a ring on a finger before promptly divorcing a person after getting what they want, and that refers to the creme de la creme of lovers.

On the other hand, some get married and live happily ever after, although happily ever after is a simplification in and of itself.

Love is the worst when you are in an abusive relationship or pining after a person who doesn't even see you, or maybe sees you but doesn't want you back. It's the worst when you stay even though you shouldn't.

Love is the best when you are head over heels for someone who sees you the same way you see them, and wants to be their best self for you every day. It's the best when it makes your world go round and you feel like every night is paradise and every day is another chapter of your love story together.

Love hurts, no matter what. If you stay, the teasing hurts: small paper cuts that add up over time until someone knows you well enough to twist the emotional knife into your chest, harder and harder, even if they don't mean it.

If they do mean it, it's devastating.

Love gone right leads to everything a person could ever want, almost: companionship, status in society, a heart to call home, a family to tend to, and a lover to make all of your dreams come true and dedicate themselves to you for the rest of their life, annoying ticks and all.

Love gone wrong leads to vicious divorce and devastating heartache, a war of who can inflict the deepest emotional wounds.

No one can hurt you more than someone you once loved. The pain of betrayal cuts deeper than any other, emotionally.

Taken to an extreme, love affairs can end in death.

Perhaps someone gets hurt.

Perhaps that someone wants to exact revenge and has a gun.

They may manipulate their partner into what at first appears to be a lovely date, before proceeding to shoot a bullet through their head and drag them to a remote area, lifeless.

Perhaps a person gets unbearably frustrated with the object of their affection feeling indifferent towards them.

Maybe they slip some poison in their tea until they take their last breath and fall to the floor.

Love is the worst and the best of everything, the two extremes of human emotion, placed on someone else to maintain.

If it goes well, you feel like you're walking on cloud nine.

If it doesn't, a person can be driven to their worst selves, reduced to stalking their prey at night, trying to exact revenge on the person they once loved.

Love is many things, but trivial is not one of them.

Love, it could be said, makes our lives hang in the very balance.


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