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Defeat if you ignore these seven signs


By MD SAKANDERPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
Defeat if you ignore these seven signs
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Heart disease can occur at any age if you are not aware of life. It is important to be more careful about this, especially if you have problems with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

But unhealthy living, irregular eating due to lack of time, over-engagement, can increase the risk of heart disease। With it, the habit of eating processed foods, fries, outside oil-spicy foods should also be rushed.

Those with high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels or who have obesity problems are also at higher risk of heart disease। Heart attack can occur at any age, at any time। Many think that boys are more prone to heart attacks। But girls also have risks। What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

1. Having trouble breathing for a few days? If so, there may be a risk of a heart attack। If you have difficulty breathing, take the advice of a doctor immediately। Do not leave unnecessarily। If there is any problem with the heart, the lungs also get less oxygen। So these symptoms can occur.

2. Sweating for no reason? Asthma at all? However, there is cause for concern। If the blood circulation in the body is not right, the various organs do not get oxygen। It can cause asthma.

3. If you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and see the bargain sweating, then don't ignore it। But it can also be a sign of heart disease.

4. If you feel pain or pressure in your chest, be consulted। Otherwise it can happen Mahabipada.

5. Some symptoms are different for women। In addition to chest pain, sweating or asthma, there may be some other symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, back pain.

6. Suddenly you start calling the nose loudly? The nose is closing after bed at night? Is the throat drying up? But it can also be a sign of sleep apnea। Sleep apnea disease in the body is nesting but to be careful, holding the hand of this disease increases the risk of heart disease.

7. If the heart instrument cannot work properly, it also affects the kidneys। As a result, water and sodium cannot come out of the body properly। As a result, water begins to accumulate in different parts of the body। As a result, the hands and feet, the ankles begin to bloom। You have to be careful even if you see these symptoms.

What are the symptoms and treatment of heart failure?

Heart problems are on the rise now। Lots of people are suffering from the disease at this time। So it is said to be careful। But people do not want to understand about the disease at this time। As a result, heart disease is on the rise। In all such cases, there are many who are congestive heart failure. the doctor advised everyone to be careful.

A report in the Indian newspaper at this time showed signs of a natural danger of heart disease। The report quotes doctors as saying that most people do not understand that heart attack and heart failure ( fel ) are different issues। Symptoms of a heart attack are also different। Heart failure on the other hand is a completely different disease। So it is very important to be careful। Otherwise the condition will become fatal।

Prominent medicine specialist in Kolkata. Rudrajit Pal said that in fact the number of heart attack is now increasing। The heart pumps blood and reaches the whole body। Heart failure reduces the ability to pump this blood। This is the main problem.

He added that usually this ability to pump blood is measured by ejection fraction। Its normal level is ⁇ 0 to ⁇ 0 percent। But when it comes to less than 50 percent, it must be understood that there has been a heart failure।

What are the symptoms of heart failure?

In this case, these symptoms are seen-

* Shortness of breath,

* People can breathe in any small task;

* There is pain in the chest;

* The head looks light;

* Head will spin।

In addition, if the congestive heart is felier, the hands, feet, face may swell। So be careful।

Whose heart is Felio?

Heart failure is usually seen in many now। If the heart is felier then the condition becomes serious। If you have high diabetes, cholesterol, kidney disease, you may have heart failure। So be careful।

What test to do if you have a heart failure?

In this case, the first thing to do is eco cardiogram। The disease is caught in this test। Heart MRI can also be done। And the best thing is to scan the nucleus of the heart। So this issue must be kept in mind।

What is the treatment of heart failure?

Now there is a very good treatment for this disease। There are sophisticated drugs। Many people like this medicine। In addition, stents are placed in many cases। However, if the heart condition worsens, the heart has to be replaced। This is done at the very last stage।

What is the heart failure diet?

Water can accumulate in the bodies of these patients। So it is said to stay away from salt foods। Because the amount of water your body grows by playing salt। In addition, these patients have to control the drinking of water। So keep this in mind।

( The report is written for awareness purposes। You must consult a doctor before making a decision. )


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