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Dear Entitled People, This Is For You.

The things people have been dying to tell you.

By Honeybee ArticlesPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Dear Entitled People, This Is For You.
Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Before 2020 I have never used the word "entitled" to describe people as much as I do now. And the fact is, society has done it to themselves. For those of you who are a bit lost about what I mean by "entitled" I'm going to break it down for you.

They are the people who see a long line and try to squeeze in, instead of going to the back like everybody else. They are the people who will make a pointless argument with a cashier and hold up the entire line and still not understand they are wrong. They are the people who believe that no one matters but them, and will treat you like your dirt. They are the people who will blame someone else for their problems and take absolutely no responsibility for their actions. They walk and talk like they are the most entitled people on earth, but really they are no different than you and I.

So, for the people who are sick and tired of dealing with it. Entitled people this is what we want you to know.

The world doesn't revolve just around you:

We are tired and fed up with how you have no regard for the people around you. We are tired of almost being hit on the crosswalk because clearly where you're going is way more important than us walking across the street. We are tired, of facing near accidents because you can't use your blinker, your brakes, and running lights believing you're the only one on the road.

Stop taking your problems out on everybody you come across, everybody has problems. So when you're getting checked out at the store, stop treating the cashiers like their garbage. Stop yelling at the employee's because your favorite item is out of stock. Guess what, if they had it, it would be on the shelf. If you need it that bad go to a different store. I promise you they aren't hiding it in the back because they are lazy, sometimes warehouses just run out of stuff. It's nothing personal.

Oh yeah, and when you're trying to grab something last minute that everybody buys, and it turns out there isn't any left. It's nobody's fault but your own. Screaming and yelling in the store isn't going to make the product reappear, it just makes you look like a complete loony bin. And yes, everybody is laughing at you.

You know your rude, but just don't care:

My dear ladies, guess what? No one has to open a damn door for you. When somebody opens a door for you, they are being polite not because your entitled to it so learn how to say thank you. And that goes for men as well, say thank you!

There is also this thing called personal space. When were looking at an item, or browsing a section. We understand other people might need something too, so instead of leaning right in front of us, and getting all into our space. It's called "Excuse me," "Pardon me," "May I," etc. Also, when you see people stepping back looking at items so other people can still pass through, stop being that person who parks their cart right in front of them taking up the whole section and pretending you don't see them. It's not funny.

And as much as you think you're the only one who has a very important schedule, so do the rest of us. When your that person who starts complaining about lines being too long and asking for the manager it clearly shows you never worked retail, or you seriously think everybody else enjoys the long lines as well. Nobody likes waiting in long lines, just some of us act like adults about it. Oh, and just so you know, we do know for all that complaining you're doing you're probably going to be the crazy coupon person who holds the cashier up for an hour trying to haggle them down every single penny you calculated before shopping.

Stop hating on other people's happiness:

Somebody gets married, or starts dating somebody and instead of being happy for them, you're the only one that has something negative to say. Guess what, noone wants to hear or care about what your saying.

So stop talking about how your friend could have done better, or complaining how your still single or the party isn't that great. None of it is about you, so stop acting like it is. Also if everyone around you is getting married or finding love and your not, it's not everybody else that is doing something wrong or just settling, it's you.

When people offer to set you up with someone stop being rude about it. True story, I was getting married to my now husband and a girl I knew didn't have a date. So my husband said he could get one of his brothers to step in so she wouldn't be alone during the wedding. When I told her this, instead of being grateful, because in all reality she had no one and it wasn't like they were the ones getting married. She asked me "is he cute at least?"

Excuse me? This is another form of entitlement, this wasn't her wedding, if you were truly my best friend you would be coming regardless if you had a date or not. Not thinking of yourself. The same girl even said she wasn't sure if she would even be coming because she didn't know anyone. Long story short, my husband and I got married. And when I posted it on facebook she didn't respond to my post, but texted me upset that I didn't tell her about the wedding. Thanks for the congratulations!

So for you entitled people, stop hating on other people's happiness and also stop trying to make it about you so you have something to post on Facebook. We all know you're doing it for likes. Also, when your talking about us, it gets back to us. Stop being that person, just enjoy our day with us.

Dear entitled people, this isn't a post about how much we don't like you or against you. This post is about how much we get fed up dealing with your attitude, putting you first all the time, and making you feel better about something that was your fault to begin with. This post is us being fed up about not getting an apology when one is deserved or saying thank you when we do something nice for you.

As for all of us, this world needs to be kinder to one another. We need to create a chain of kindness and love that spreads not only through our lifetime but through are children's children as well.


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