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Day Ten

by Teddy K. 3 years ago in dating
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A Romantic Short Story

This is just something I wrote from a list of prompts. Take it easy on me, I haven't really shared a lot of my work.

With her every step, the dry leaves crunched beneath her boots. Before she’d met him, her eyes would be glued to the ground, scanning for a red leaf among the brown ones. It was some kind of game to her, almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Now, though, she took on a different task; one just as difficult.

Her eyes narrowed as she watched the crowd, trying her hardest to separate the average college student from Damien. He had been her red leaf amongst the brown ones. They’d met under a twisted, aged tree ten days ago, and ever since she would look for him after her classes had finished. It was certainly one of the most foolish things she’d done in her lifetime, but she had grown too entranced with him to care.

When she finally spotted him, he was sitting beneath the old, crooked tree that she’d come to love. On a cold metal bench, Damien had a book wide open on his lap. From where she stood, she could tell at once that it wasn’t a textbook. Her mind filled with possibilities as she tried to guess what he could have been reading. If it was her, it would have definitely been something slightly juvenile; some kind of fantasy or adventure novel.

Interest piqued and admiration doubled, she let her boots carry her over to him. She’d only realized the risk she was about to take when she was close enough for him to look up from his withered book pages. When their eyes met, it was a collision of ocean waves against the jagged rocks. She felt as though she couldn’t look away, even if she wanted to.

“Oh, hey,” Damien grinned. He spoke to her like she was an old friend, and scooted over so that she could sit beside him. “Want to sit?”

Her mind was an absolute disaster, swirling with far too many ideas to actually speak. As she sat in silence, she let herself pick apart the tiny details of Damien that she didn’t have the luxury of noticing from a distance. She took note of the freckle on his cheek, the scar on his chin, and the rogue piece of hair that had worked itself loose from the rest. It almost created a Superman curl, and she wanted more than anything to tuck it back into place.

“What are you reading?” She asked, her tone light. As she spoke, she clasped her hands together on her lap nervously. She watched as Damien sheepishly grinned, his cheeks tinting a deep pink at her question.

“It’s one of those old choose your own adventure books.” As he admitted this, he closed the book to show her the title. It was faded quite a bit, but on the cover was a knight and a dragon with the words Knight’s Quest for Honor.

“What’s it about?” She couldn’t stop herself from asking. Beaming, Damien spun into a rant about the novel, going into great detail about his favorite adventure path. Her heart swelled as she listened to him talk. She wondered how a person could be so amazing, and how she was lucky enough to end up on a bench with him. Listening to him speak eased her nerves, and replaced them with an odd form of gratitude. He motioned with his hands as he explained the part of the book where he was faced with the decision to slay the dragon or not, and she let a smile break across her face.

“I personally wouldn’t kill him,” he shook his head, his grip tightening around the book. Damien turned to look at her for the first time since she’d sat down, and noticed her smile. “I’m sorry, I was ranting.” He chuckled, his cheeks heating up again. “I didn’t catch your name.”

“Rose,” she said. He outstretched his hand for a handshake, and she took it instantly. They both lingered for a minute, and seemed to enjoy the way it felt to have their hand in one another’s. Damien smiled, and once the handshake broke apart, he clasped his hands together on his lap nervously.


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