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Some Good and Bad Advice

Dating Advice

I've had one relationship and it was far from successful, shit was awful; it was loveless and super boring. I think we spent more time cheating on each other than actually being together.

All my "relationships" only last about 2 months, I can't stand keeping anyone around longer than the honeymoon phase. Once problems arise I dip out and move on to someone else. I don't think I would even know how to be in a relationship if ever given the opportunity.

Somehow my friends still manage to call me up when they're having problems with their significant others. As if I'm some damn expert on how to make a marriage work. My marriage failed miserably lol. I have no reason to be giving anyone advice on how to have a successful relationship. In my opinion if things aren't working and you guys can't agree on things, then you shouldn't be together. When you're with someone, even friends, you should always be laughing and having a good time.

Don't come to me telling me your spouse cheating on you but you love him/her so damn much that you wanna make it work and what should you do. Me personally my ass would be setting his/her shit on fire while filming it on Facebook live for the world to see. Don't tell me how your significant other doesn't work and sits at home all day doing nothing and then come the weekend they wanna go out with their friends and never spend time with you. You're an idiot for taking care of someone who is a grown up, they're obviously using you and yet you believe all the bullshit they feed you and you keep them around.

Shit like this drives me crazy, I don't understand how anyone can be ok with their boyfriend/girlfriend not working. Like what do you do with all your damn time, I would go insane not working. At this point I think I need another job because I have too much free time.

What makes it worse is after my friends come to me for advice and to bitch about their spouse they don't listen to a goddamn thing I say and they go running right back to them. Have some respect for yourself, if the person you're with treats you like crap then walk away, trust me there's plenty of others out there that are single looking for someone to treat them right and vice versa.

I think people have just gotten lazy and they're so afraid of being alone that they're willing to settle with the first person that comes along and says I love you. Not me though, the first time I feel uncomfortable I run. I wanna be comfortable with whomever I'm with, I wanna be able to laugh and have a good time and when I'm sad I want them to be able to understand and know that it'll pass.

Maybe my friends come to me for relationship advice because I don't put up with bullshit and they know I'll tell them the truth but then again no one seems to listen to me. Everyone I know is stuck in a miserable relationship because they're too afraid of being alone. I hate hearing "oh everyone fights," bullshit, you don't have to fight with anyone. You can have disagreements but as long as there's compromise and you can work through it then its fine.

Relationships shouldn't be hard! The way you treat your best friend is how you should treat your partner. If you can't go to your significant other with gossip and them listen and talk with you about it then you shouldn't be with them. If they're not the first person you think of when you see something funny or something good or bad happens in your life then you shouldn't be with them.

If you can't do crazy, silly, wild, goofy things with your boyfriend/girlfriend you shouldn't be with them. If they do things that embarrasses you and makes you feel uncomfortable then you shouldn't be with them. If you can't have a productive argument then you shouldn't be together, if you can never tell each other off and know that they're still gonna stick around then you shouldn't be together.

Nothing about a relationship should be difficult. Before you date someone get all this out in the open. Ask about finances, ask about kids, ask where they wanna live in 5-10 years. Learn their pet peeves, learn their annoying habits, make sure you'll be able to stand one another in the long run. Hell if you really wanna know if it'll work out, go on a really long road trip together. If you can't sit with them for hours in a car and cram yourselves into a hotel room then you shouldn't be dating. Hell you shouldn't even be friends.

I'll say it again like I say in all my posts, be happy, the key to life is happiness, find it and if you can enjoy life and be happy having another person around 24/7 then enjoy it and just have fun and BE HAPPY!!

LeAnn Murch
LeAnn Murch
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