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Cutting out the Negativity!

by Kayla Leah 4 years ago in advice

Spotting Negative People in Your Life and How to Cut Them Out!

Negativity is nothing but a thief... it only steals your happiness.

Negativity can come from both internal and external sources. In this particular instance, we're looking for those external forces that cause such an impact—more specifically speaking, certain individuals in your life.

So, how do you spot these individuals?

Well, have you ever been around someone who just gives you bad vibes? Do you get an uneasy feeling in your gut about this person or situations they put you in? Does this person ever clap for you? Do they have a problem for every solution? What about someone who is CONSTANTLY causing drama? Chances are you have someone in your life like this. Your friends and family are meant to be rooting for you, so if the celebratory messages you're receiving are spiked with animosity ("You're so lucky to have gone to a school where they practically hand out scholarships!") or invalidated by indirect insults ("Oh, is that a good field of study? Hmm"), it's time to question how much of a "friend" they truly are.

These are the people who AREN'T truly happy for your success in life. The people who are engulfed in jealousy at the thought of you passing them up or having something that they can't obtain. These people want to see you fail. Not only have I had "friends" like this, but unfortunately, a few family members like this as well. I remember receiving such bad vibes from most of these people and I just shrug it off. That mistake has taught me to NEVER disregarded my gut feelings ever again.

I find the best thing to do is ditch em'. You don't owe them anything. Continuing to keep this person in your life will only cause you unnecessary drama. Why live surrounded by negativity if you don't have to? The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become. I myself have recently cut off some of these people and I haven't been happier! Not only am I surrounded by genuine people who only want to see me succeed and love me, but I've also saved myself from a lot of added stress and unnecessary drama.

I wish I was able to recognize these toxic people when I was younger. I spent years letting these people's opinions matter to me when I shouldn't have. I thought what they said had to be true because they're my family and are supposed to have my best interest at heart...but boy, was I wrong. Jealousy can make people say and do just terrible things!

So, how do you go about cutting these people off?

It's simple, really. Just cut ALL ties with them that you have! Delete them off Facebook, unfollow them off of Instagram/Twitter, etc., and just be done! If they contact you and ask "why?" tell them! You must remember not to hold onto any grudges, though. Learn to forgive and forget. Holding onto a grudge is only going to build up bitterness within you. Get that weight off your chest. Let them have it! Then be done with it. If you can't avoid this person completely, then limit your interactions with them! Don't tell them anything too personal, don't share your goals or success with them. Keep it simple.

I promise you, you will literally feel the weight being lifted from your chest! Remember, you cannot expect a positive change in life if you surround yourself with negative people! You only have one life to live, so make sure you're living it to the best of your ability! Don't waste your time trying to maintain relationships with people who will never truly care for you.


Kayla Leah

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Kayla Leah
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