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Cup of wine sentiment

by James 4 months ago in humanity
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Whether he wants to work hard or to have fun in time, it is a sentiment.

Cup of wine sentiment
Photo by Chris Briggs on Unsplash

Whether he wants to work hard or to have fun in time, it is a sentiment.

"Sentiment has no depth, wind, and moon ancient and modern the same". My cup, can not close the wind and moon, can not lock the sentiment, more only work.

Because of the management of the hospitality, look at the mingling, appreciate the guessing and fistfighting, see the elegant and vulgar match, taste bittersweet and sweet, and view the wine wind and human character. "Wine style to see the style, style to see the character", whether right or wrong, I think that this statement, but also has a few sentiments in it. At least the summary of people who like to drink, otherwise, how can a random metaphor, wine be a metaphor? And also then very smooth, win people to quote.

I do not like to drink, but because of work, but also love wine. What is work? American writer Samuel said, "work, even the hardest work, is full of fun and provides conditions for improving yourself".

Today, friends gathering, snowflakes, rare elegant, rarely happy, rarer suddenly feel that the wine in the cup, is no longer work, it contains, there seems to be more.

Choosing a job is also a choice in life. Many times, life and work, are no choices. Between work, pick up a glass of wine, wine overflowing, are helpless! When helpless, whether you like it or not, end up, all happy, just suffering themselves. Put down, perhaps everyone does not matter, but only that master the fate of the bad mood, frowned, you must also bear the results of the put-down. And you, own a hundred kinds of taste in it. A glass of wine, end or not, there are gains and losses, regardless of gains and losses, may not be suitable for you, and may not be what you want. What you can do is not to worry about gain or loss, but to follow nature, not because people like to raise a glass, and not to put a glass of anger to people, anger, happiness, gain or loss, between your mind. It only depends on your feelings, and whether you value virtue and reality. If you want to be more virtuous, you can raise a glass for virtue; if you want to be more realistic, you can raise a glass for the actual amount of wine. If it is for an affordable, to ask for power, raise and put between, not the wind and the moon into the wind and the moon, but the wind and the moon people want to bad wind and the moon, cup of the wine life, and finally leave bitterness in the heart!

Today, pick up a glass of wine, snowflakes into the wine, friendship with each other, get the sentiment, embellished with the fragrance of the woman, drink a cup alone, drop wine look at the stars, snow Yang wine, alone get the boozy feelings. Half lead half stay, a cup of wine lingering, empty Ming Lin Lang, can also be friendship like wine - a long time love? And wine is not drunk, invite friends, cups to wine too, frequently raise a glass, to be scraped, the bottle of wine is still, cups of tea empty, laughter up, it is a pleasant sentiment. Good friends get together, not in a glass of wine, not to mention raise a glass or not. Just no wine is not a banquet, wine to help the mood, wine reflecting human feelings, feelings of scenery, a rare spontaneous natural.

So, the cup of wine is full of feelings, feelings from the depth of the shallow, deep, and shallow are world affairs, and world affairs insight are learning.

I do not serve learning, just as I do not like wine. I do not like wine does not prevent me to taste wine, tasting wine tasting work tasting life, like a glass of wine, wine in wine outside, and feelings such as songs. Like a song live, I may sing "I want to walk from south to north, from east to west, I want people to know me, but do not know who I am ......"

Who am I? It doesn't matter! What matters is that I came, I came with the snowflakes, to see all the rivers and mountains as pictures, to raise a glass or not - are different feelings!

Because I am me!


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