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Crazy AF

by Monica Wilkinson 12 months ago in humanity
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We're All A Little Crazy

Admit it. We're all... crazy.

A few months ago I celebrated my 38th birthday. I wish I had something deep to say about it like other people, but I don't have anything deep. I didn't think anything spiritual when I turned 38. I DID ask myself what I would consider my greatest lesson of 2020 - like what will I walk away knowing that I feel as if I had no previous knowledge of before. The answer? Here it is...


What I learned this past year is to own my crazy. It's what makes me, ME! I, Monica Jeneen Wilkinson has crazy tendencies. For starters:

I don't like other peoples hair. Whether it's attached to their heads or not, I think hair is disgusting. My close friends usually remove strange, foreign hairs from my clothing or car seats without letting me know. It's mostly because they know that I will freak out and ruin a good time if you catch me on the right day and somebody's hair ends up on my person. Go ahead and say it - that's crazy!

Let's talk about socks. I hate them. They make my toes feel claustrophobic. My famous words... "I don't like my toes to feel tight." So I don't wear socks, even if it's cold outside.

While I'm on clothing, I don't like jeans because I don't like the way they feel on my knees. So I have about 12 pair of black cotton pants. I wear jeans occasionally just so that people don't think I'm wearing the same black pants everyday, but I hate every moment of those jeans rubbing against my knees. *Kanye shrug*

And... I don't walk barefoot. Not anywhere. Not at my own home. Nowhere! I step out of the shower into flip flops. When I get out of the bed I put on slippers. My feet do not touch carpet or hard floors, even though my floors are exceptionally clean. Crazy, I know.

I love the smell of moth balls. I would eat them if I could. I could sniff them all day if I didn't feel like they probably cause cancer. LOL

To add to all of this, I'm an introvert. People literally stress me out. I would rather have a root canal than be forced to engage in small talk, and I created an alter ego named Mahni to help me deal with it all. CRAZINESS!


My family and friends laugh at me and sometimes find my crazy tendencies an inconvenience, but you know what? They still love me! My friends and family are crazy too! I have one friend who freaks out if you grab her wrist. No, like she almost breaks down in tears and everything. I have another friend who puts her hair in her mouth to try and get knots out of it, and another friend who bites his fingernails so low that they bleed. I don't know about you, but I say that they are as nutty as they come. But that's ok! I love them!!!


Owning our crazy comes with being confident in who God created us to be. Social media and technology makes us believe that other people have it all together. It gives us a small, dishonest window into peoples lives and we buy the lie that everyone is doing better than us. We look at pictures of babies and marriages - friendships and travel - new houses and newer cars and we think that other people aren't crazy. Well they are! They have the same struggles as us, the same insecurities - just different crazy. Different personalities create different crazy. So be bold and be honest. Be upfront with people about those crazy quirks. After all, we are ALL crazy.


About the author

Monica Wilkinson

In a nutshell, creating systems gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Traveling makes feel alive. I'm an extroverted INTROVERT. I love to solve problems for leaders & I thrive in chaos. I write about LIFE. My lessons, my joys, my pains... enjoy!

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