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Couples who unconsciously reveal some bad motives in their relationship

Marriage that does not live in harmony can lead to intensified conflicts.

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

There are also always bad motives that are unconsciously revealed in the course of a couple's life together. If used in the wrong way, couples can hurt each other. The most common one is that couples are overly sensitive to each other. Albert Einstein once said, "Nothing hurts my feelings. My feelings are never about any matter." And that's what Einstein, the old man, called "the truth". Not only that, because of the mistrust between couples, the harm between couples will eventually push each other to death.

Not long ago, during an Internet chat, a friend suddenly realized that there was some irreversible conflict between two people, so he consulted me. The problem was that the two of them fought all the time, and often no one wanted to admit their mistakes, and the fight went to the point of divorce.

At this time, they began to question whether the other party loved them or not, and whether they had any regrets after the divorce? As a male teacher, I was very surprised, I had only heard of the signs of divorce in advance after the marriage problems, but I did not expect that there would be such a phenomenon as regret after divorce.

I asked them why they had unconsciously revealed some bad motives in the first place, and they did not approve of my "opinion" after hearing my "question". Later, some couples were wise enough to keep their distance from me, not to let themselves and each other fall into a state of miscommunication. Later, the network told me that it was best for two people to keep their distance from each other and not let their conflicts intensify to the point of divorce.

Marriages that do not get along will have intensified conflicts. At first, they will be separated as a result of the conflict is that the male teacher will feel aggrieved and can only put up with his wife's injustice while secretly sulking.

And if two people can find a solution to the problem together when facing the conflict, they can also better deal with each other's conflicts. This is what you often hear called "the way to get along as a couple". In fact, when communicating, if you can't see things from the other person's standpoint, then the conflict between the two people may quickly intensify.

In marriage, some of these bad motives, if not timely and timely guidance and solution, the last probably difficult to maintain the stability of the marriage. For the marriage of two people, if you want to be happy, you want the couple to get along well with each other.

If you can unconsciously reveal some motives, it is the biggest harm to each other. For divorced couples, I think the main thing is to try to reduce some of these bad motives. Mutual trust between husband and wife is the best way for couples to get married.

We can't lose trust in each other because the other party can't discover our bad motives in time to keep the stability of marriage for a long time. I am golden, always love myself as a child, no matter how unpleasant I have experienced before, never give up the person I love, every time I think of my wife, I still can't help but laugh out loud.

I think I love him just like his father, I will never change, cute, is the best way to get along between our couple.


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