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by Krista Nakano 3 months ago in advice

Don't Loose Yourself


In this day in age, it's easy to loose yourself. With so many things changing, new technology, pandemics, hunger, homelessness, etc. I remember a time when things were simpler. When you could ride a bike without worrying about getting kidnapped, no cell phones, dial up internet, TV's that had huge antennas, no gaming consoles. All you had was you. You played in the yard with whatever you had available, you read books, you listened to CD's, you watched movies on VHS tapes, but most of all you talked. When did we loose that? When did verbal communication disappear? I honestly miss those days. I miss sitting at the dinner table, TV off, just eating and talking, no matter what it was about. Things have definitely changed a lot. You can't go to a restaurant without seeing literally everyone on their cell phones. We've become lost. Lost to the real world, we've become numb. The things that should bother us don't. Talking is a foreign concept. You have a problem, you post it on Facebook OR Instagram. You did something amazing (or what you thought was amazing), you post it on Facebook OR Instagram. Nobody calls each other to tell them the good or bad. Honestly, those were the best days of my life, just talking, communicating. I guess it's just easier now for people to communicate through social media. No matter what they are feeling, they show it through an emoji, a picture, a song, a text. Don't get me wrong I've fallen into that too. I've texted people when there was an issue, I've posted a story when something was bothering me. Times are just changing.

Does that mean it's a good thing... NO!

People are social, that is just how we were made. People need physical social interactions, which is why this pandemic has gotten people all crazy. They can't go visit friends, they can't see family, they can't eat at a restaurant. But what if communication had already been in place like before? Would that make this pandemic easier? If people actually talked to each other and communicated, not through text, a post, a picture, but actually talked, would this have made things easier during a pandemic? It's weird, because now people want to talk on the phone, they want to communicate and hear peoples voices because it's not the same through a Facebook post, Instagram story, text message. This is why, don't loose yourself. Don't forget who you are.

If you were raised in the 80's you understand. Remember how much fun it was back then, remember rolling around in the grass, staring up at the sky, and just laying there. Peaceful. Happy. Life was just... simple. Even in our early 20's, things were still pretty simple. People still talked, people still communicated. Now it's just a Facebook post, Instagram story, text message. I wish people would talk, I wish people would get away from texting someone. Especially if that someone is special, mother, father, aunt, uncle, child. Honestly, that last text might be the last time you talk to them, so why not have the last conversation be in person or over the actual phone. Listening to them talk, hearing their voice, listen to their voice reflections as they talk. Loosing my mom, remembering our last conversation, I would give anything to have one more phone call. Just to hear her voice, I can still hear her voice so clearly in my head, even after all these years. So who wouldn't want that? Do you really want to remember someone for their last text? So again, communicate. Don't loose yourself. BE PRESENT!

Krista Nakano
Krista Nakano
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