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Common Courtesy While Living Together

by Diana Walker 21 days ago in advice

Tips for cohabitating

From the Motivation app:

Living with others can seem simple enough-you do your thing and they do their own thing. You believe everyone is on the same level. Each person equally contributing to the success and wellbeing of the household. Well, that’s all much better sounding than it can be at times because living with someone can cause tension if you’re used to being alone.

You like it freezer cold and they prefer warmer temperatures. You like talking on speaker phone and the person you’re speaking with is used to having more privacy. Some compromises are going to have to be made in order for you both to live together comfortably. Maybe putting more blankets on the bed or investing in some nice jackets, cardigans, and noise canceling earbuds might be a good idea. Or, you could adjust the thermostat-if they’re contributing financially to the home.

If you’re the early bird and they’re the night owl, be mindful of that and try as best you can not to be too loud while they’re sleeping. People can work odd hours and their sleep cycle can be different from yours. Or they might have a chronic illness that causes them to be up in pain rather than sleeping as well as they should. You could try to be respectful of that by just letting them rest or only interacting with them when you see they are up and available.

And, we all know how tempting it can be to eat that last bit of ice cream. But for goodness sake, have enough respect to leave it alone. A grocery store run in these COVID-19 times is literally more time consuming than it’s worth just to get one of something. Leave the last of anything for the other person to have for themselves. It’s only fair. You’d be extremely disappointed if you came home from a long day at work only to realize that food you could almost taste is suddenly missing.

Am I saying that you give up your way of doing things? No. I’m saying it’s common courtesy to think of how the way you live affects others and to try and meet them half way. Their utilities are going to be higher now that you live together so flip off the light switch. Cover up if you’re cold natured. You’re vegan and you know they’re not so buy your own food and not scarf down theirs.

You live with someone. Like the quote above says, start saying yes to things that scare you. You’re scared to be considerate of another person’s needs and yet you need to be up in their space. There’s no need to be selfish in this situation. Be uncommon in an ordinary world and see how your life changes when you begin thinking of others.

Say yes to being there in times of need. Say yes to returning the kindness that was extended to you. And even if life hasn’t been so nice to you-as sometimes it’s not, remember what you put out there will come back to you. The coin has two sides. No matter how many times you flip it, there’s always a chance of something good happening. Say yes to being vulnerable. Say yes to love. Say yes to being thoughtful of others. And see how your life can change for the better. Change is the only constant in this life. It’s going to happen whether you want it to or not. Might as well embrace it and not let your fear keep you from enjoying it. Living together has its difficulties but you can do it with common courtesy.


Diana Walker

I’m very much into having good manners and being considerate of all involved-something we used to call common courtesy. My stories will be about how to add more of it into day to day life.

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Diana Walker
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