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by Albert Andre 8 months ago in humanity

Au Naturale or fake?

We all start off like this until some get a little colour

Skin colour has been at the forefront of most peoples minds, even if not by choice. The press, social media, the internet and television have all made that possible. The ‘ Black life matters’ slogan has and still is splashed across every medium that’s in the public sphere; when will it end? Probably not, or

maybe just quietly fade away, who knows? only time will tell, much like a summer tan.

Tans, whether gotten by sunbathing, sun beds or even fake tan out of a tin, they will all eventually fade away, unless of course it’s topped up. All these methods of browning ones skin has been around since time it self, especially sunbathing. Although tan out of a tin is the newest, which seems to be the growing favourite.

Even though I was born golden brown in colour, I still sunbath when holidaying abroad, and in time I darken. And I don’t put on any sun protector, never have and probably never will.

Funny thing is my daughter Abigayle, who is pale skinned, almost white sells fake tan out of a can. Her business; glamour sells a reasonable priced premium luxury tanning mousse together with accessories to apply it with. Her boast is that both she and her customers swears "it’s the best" that they’ve used. And with the many different brands available, it’s quite a boast. They say that they feel sun kissed, with a natural looking colour. This is achieved without the dangers of UVA/B rays associated sunbathing. At sixteen pounds minus a penny, the fake tan is definitely cheaper, safer and much more an affordable option than holidaying abroad to get the same results. Unless of course we have a great summer right here in the UK.

Do you need this? I don't

Fake tanning is on the up, born with brown coloured skin is down and, I like many millions around the world: unlike a faked tan, change colour over time, not even over a life time.; it’s permanent! So whilst some of the white population around the world have a distorted, unhealthy racist view of coloured ( black, brown, light brown, olive) people, the remaining majority are paying vast amounts of money one way or another to achieve a golden sun kissed brown.

Ironic really, that the very people who have racists views are probably the same people that will sit out in the sun, sunbathing: getting brown of all things.

I have been brown in colour since birth, I’ve got black curly hair, which back in the early eighties I used to straighten, not to feel or look more white but rather for style and fashion. Sometimes I got my sister to put little paper curlers in to give my hair a permed look. Strange but true. Then I’ve got thick-chunky lips that is normally associated with coloured people. Never bothered me, but now it’s become fashionable. Filler did and is still doing that, making it ‘ The Look’ for both men and women, but mainly women, who pay a small fortune to have filler injected into their lips to get that fuller, plumper look. So unnatural, a white person with fat, chunky lips? Doesn’t look right, but on a coloured person? Perfect. And thinking aloud; they look like fishes if too much is used, I’m sorry but they do. Then the other coloured feature I have; a flat, wide nose. It’s never bothered me or ever felt the need to get a ‘nose’ job to correct it. To be honest, it’s the correct size, fits my face perfectly.

These are the defining factors of me being a coloured person. My skin, nose and my lips are very much the give away to that. If I didn’t have these distinguishing features I would have never, ever, been subjected to any racial abuse that I did when I was younger. Not that it stopped as I grew older, but rather it became less of an issue for me. Like I said; Fake tans will fade away: my skin colour? won't. Maybe everyone should be wearing a premium fake tan, by law, then no one shouldn't have a problem with people having 'Coloured Skin'.

Albert Andre
Albert Andre
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