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Cliché Things Guys Say On Dating Websites

by Amanda Doyle 4 months ago in dating

You've Heard Them

Cliché Things Guys Say On Dating Websites
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If you have ever used a dating app or signed up for a dating website, you will know that there are constantly things being said on there that make you want to roll your eyes and smash your face into the wall. Or is that just me? All I know is that there are certain things that guys online will put in their descriptions or say over and over, and I want them to know that other guys are using these lines too, so you all should just stop.


Here's a newsflash. Height matters a lot of the time. I'd say that height matters more than what you're working with down below, in some cases. But all I see everywhere is "6'0, if that matters"

It's not the height part that gets me. It's the "if that matters" part. Yes, it matters. You know it matters or else you wouldn't be putting it in your description. Stop trying to be coy and innocent, it's annoying, just say it how it is and put your height in there. We all wanna know what it is anyway.

Song Lyrics

"Here for a good time, not a long time."

If I had a dollar for every time I've seen that online, I'd be able to buy myself a boyfriend by now. First of all, it's just so cliché. And you're going around advertising that you're just here to hook up and nothing more, which isn't the best look for anyone, but you do you.


The disclaimer I see all the time is "not my kid". I don't know why it's so important for people to know that a child you're pictured with is not your child, but apparently it is. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm perfectly capable of thinking about the fact that you're not related to every single baby or child you come into contact with.

It just makes you look like an asshole, because you're like pushing that kid away with a ten foot pole. Before you learn anything else about me, you must know that I wasn't plagued by a child.

Lack of Confidence

I hate when I see things like "not the most attractive but..." or "not good at writing these [descriptions] but here goes..."

You have to own your shit! Own everything you do, everything you say, every way that you are. It's important to know yourself and be yourself, especially when you're looking for a partner. If you start off by putting yourself down, you're setting up an unstable foundation, don't you think?

Being Vague

I can't express how much it gets on my nerves when I go to read a guy's profile and all it says is "ask".

It seriously makes me want to throw my phone at a wall.

You can't spare five minutes to come up with the tiniest bit of information about yourself? You're so stuck in your own selfish world that you can't even do that? Give me a break. It's so easy to come up with a few words about yourself. Three things you like. Cats. Computers. Cannabis. There, you're done.

But then again, I'd rather see "ask" than a blank description. Nothing shows laziness more than not even bothering to try and write something. It's lame, seriously, and it makes me think lower of you. Not like my opinion is that important, but at least it's a woman's opinion.

In conclusion, I get annoyed by people online. If it isn't evident. These are the things I could think of that get on my nerves. Can you relate? Have you received messages like these before?

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