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by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are setting ourselves up for failure when we try to help certain people. I say it because it could be a person that we know that we trusted a few times and they let us down every time. You can only cry wolf so many times.

There are people in the world who claim that they want help but when you try to help them, they turn on you because it's not the type of “help” they wanted. 95% of the time, its money related. Money will make someone turn their back on your quicker than a stoplight.

People will use you up if you let them. You have to be smart enough to know the difference between helping and using. If someone asks you for a favor here or there, that’s helping. But if this person is constantly asking you for something every day, hinting that they need something all the time, that’s using.

By hinting I mean they make statements deliberately, knowing that you can see right through it. For example, you tell somebody you have some money. Doesn’t matter what amount. The first thing some people do is start calling out things they need. It never fails. It has happened to me so much I lost count.

God forbid if you win the lottery. You will have people coming out of the woodwork claiming they know you and you have never seen these people a day in your life. They start asking, “you remember back in the day, we used to hang out?” My response, uh I don’t even know you, have never seen you before, and you can exit stage left. I know that sounds mean but it’s true.

Some people get jealous of who you help as well. If one person needs my help and I know they are sincere, I’m helping. But, if I know this person is not sincere, I’m not helping. If the person who didn’t really need help finds out, too bad, so sad, Get over yourself.

I think that you should help those who help themselves. If you have friends that you know for a fact are struggling to make ends meet, helping, in my book, is a necessity. No questions asked. But if you have somebody that is constantly asking you for stuff, that doesn’t work, has no intention of working, has no income, isn’t trying at all, that is someone who is used to being kept up so don't contribute.

The government has a lot to do with this too. People that need stuff usually don’t get it. The people that should be getting social security, that are ACTUALLY disabled, can’t get social security. People that should REALLY get food stamps don’t get them. I capitalize actually and really because it’s the truth. So many people are suffering because benefits are being given to people that are well able-bodied to work and some of these people getting food stamps can afford to buy food because they have sufficient income.

There are destitute people out here who don’t even know where their next meal is coming from and some can't even get decent jobs, yet all of this money is handed out and jobs are given to people, not because of what they know, because of who they know. How is that right? It’s not. So, to end my story, I want to say this, people will use you up if you let them. Help those who help themselves. Life is like algebra equations, it can be complex, but you will always find the solution.


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