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Qi Jian is the only son in the family, his parents are laid-off workers, with only a meager income to support their son in college. His parents put all their hopes on their son.

By BobbyPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
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  Qi Jian is the only son in the family, his parents are laid-off workers, with only a meager income to support their son in college. His parents put all their hopes on their son. However, just as Qi Jian graduated from college, he was suddenly found to be suffering from leukemia, which was at an advanced stage. The sky was falling for the family!

  To treat Qijian, his parents started to borrow money from all over the world. Qi Jian's condition was temporarily under control, but the next, once-a-month chemotherapy will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the parents had no choice but to go begging on the streets. Two people over 100 years old, kneeling in the biting winter wind, just to give their son a course of chemotherapy costs.

  The ward where Qi Jian was lying learned of this and could not help but weep. At this time, suddenly came the good news that Qi Jian's bone marrow match was successful. This was supposed to be the most difficult hurdle in treating leukemia, and Qi Jian was undoubtedly lucky. However, in the face of the huge cost of the transplant, the family could not be happy. The desperate Qijian decided to give up treatment and began to refuse injections and medication. The hope in front of him turned into heavy pressure.

  After the local media reported on Qijian's plight, many well-wishers lent him a helping hand. Although it was only a drop in the bucket, it still touched him deeply. He began to quietly think, that if he spent the money on himself, and continue to do unnecessary chemotherapy, has no practical significance, it is better to take it to do something useful. He decided to give 500 yuan to support a child who was out of school. His idea was very simple, 500 yuan for himself is not enough for one day of medical expenses, but a child out of school, may be able to change the fate of a lifetime.

  A few days later, with the help of his friends, he hid from his parents and went to a small mountain village 100 kilometers away. When he met Zhang Haixia, he couldn't help but be shocked. Haixia is a 13-year-old girl, her father suffers from a serious rheumatoid disease, is almost blind in both eyes, and has long been incapacitated; her mother remarried a few years ago, and the burden of the family's life is on this little girl's tender shoulders. But she has never lost confidence in life and always tries to overcome difficulties. Haixia is about to graduate from elementary school, and is facing a dropout, Qi Jian sent 500 yuan to help her solve the urgent problem.

  After returning from Haixia's home, Qi Jian was like a new person, sweeping away his past depression and becoming optimistic and cheerful. He told his mother, "Haixia is only 13 years old, to carry a family, it turns out that we are not the most bitter, I want to be strong in the future, to treat the disease." This made his parents feel very surprised and greatly relieved.

  Haixia was deeply grateful to the kind-hearted brother, but she could not have imagined that this stranger would help herself with life-saving money until she read about Qi Jian in the newspaper. Haixia decided to return the money to Qi Jian, and according to the address in the newspaper, she found the hospital where Qi Jian lived. When they met again, Qi Jian refused to take back the 500 yuan. Haixia finally agreed to take the money: "I must study hard to get into college, but you must promise me the good treatment, I have to find a way to help you raise money."

  No one expected, Haixia went back and wrote a letter to the newspaper: "If any kind-hearted person, or which bank is willing to loan me 500,000, after I graduate from college, I will spend a lifetime of hard work, to earn money to repay the ......" open letter in After the publication of the open letter in the newspaper, although countless people were moved by it, they all thought it was the child's naive idea. Unless a miracle happens, who would be willing to lend a poor rural girl a huge sum of money of 500,000?

  A miracle did happen when a Chinese American from New York agreed to help Haixia. Her name is Cui Ying and she grew up in rural China. She was deeply touched by Haixia's experience of transporting peanuts from the mountains to her home. A bag of peanuts weighed more than 100 pounds, and Haixia could not carry it at all, so she found a way to break a thick branch, then put the bag on the branch and dragged it down the mountain. She never complained about the injustice of fate and always actively looked for ways to solve the difficulties she encountered. She lent Haixia $30,000 with no interest and no repayment deadline because she felt that lending money was more meaningful than donating.

  Today, Qi Jian has successfully undergone a bone marrow transplant and Haixia has been promoted to junior high school at the top of her class. The two pulled hooks in the hospital room and promised each other to live well.

  Fijian originally wanted to help Haixia change her fate but did not expect that his fate would change as a result. When he first met Haixia, all his previous views about life were completely overturned, "I'm a 20-something-year-old or a college graduate, why don't I believe that a miracle will happen to me?" Perhaps, Qi Jian is not the only one who has been changed by Haixia.


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